The holidays are for spending time with loved ones, enjoying festivities and of course, decorating. Decking your halls for the holidays is one of our favorite things, especially when we can coordinate holiday decor with existing home styles.

Whether your style is fun or fancy, we’ve got tips and tricks for helping your home look its best this holiday season.

Festive & Fun

Christmas is a season where everyone’s inner kid comes out. For some, it’s through gifts and interior decor, and for others, it’s through decorating the outside of their home. Here are some ideas for a fun and creative home exterior this Christmas.

String Lights

A classic way to add fun and festive decor is by adding string lights to your home's exterior. There are a lot of fun options to choose from, such as round globe lights or brightly colored icicle lights. Plus, people of every age group love to look at Christmas lights. Every year families go out looking for the best decorations they can find, from the simple strong lights to intricate light shows.

Save on Your Electric Bill: String lights, while beautiful and fun, can also be expensive. For Christmas lovers, lights and decorations are often kept on 24/7 which can run the electric bill high. There are a few different ways to avoid some of these extra costs. First, install a timer for your lights. While having lights on 24/7 is great, this can quickly become costly and the lights are hard to see during daylight hours. By installing a timer that will turn the lights on and off automatically at the times you designate, you can enjoy the lights when they are easier to see and reduce your electric bill at the same time.

Another way to save money is by using solar-powered lights. They give you the same great look as traditional Christmas lights, but instead of running up your electricity bill, they use run on solar power. Aren’t sure if they’ll give you the look you want? Start out using them in small areas, like around a small outdoor tree or framing a window, to see if they’ll give you the look and feel you want.

Lawn Decor

Lawn decoration is one of the best places to get creative, especially if you live in an area with a mild climate. They visually tell a story that captures a viewers attention. Adding blow-up Santas, large nutcrackers or lighted sleighs creates a fun, kid-friendly story that's also visually appealing.

DIY Ideas: Christmas is a great time of year to let your DIY skills shine. Not only can you give your creativity an outlet, but you can also create unique decor pieces that are sure to be a conversation starter. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A simple piece to start out with is a tomato cage Christmas tree. If you are an avid gardener, this is a great way to use the items you already own. Simply turn the tomato cage upside down, pull the stakes a little closer together and wrap with string lights.

A more complicated DIY piece to take on is a Christmas light ball. They are made out of two items: string lights and chicken wire. It takes a little bit of effort to get the chicken wire in the shape you want, but the end result is fun and beautiful. Plus, it lets you customize the size and shape to fit in with the rest of your lawn decor. Check out these step-by-step instructions to create your own Christmas light balls.

While not a piece of lawn decor, another great DIY project to engage your neighborhood is an outdoor wood pallet calendar. With this outdoor calendar hung on your front porch, you and your neighbors can have fun counting down the days till Christmas together. And because you made it yourself, you can match its colors to the rest of your porch decor.

Outdoor Christmas Trees

A simple way to capture some fun Christmas spirit is through outdoor Christmas trees. If you have a tree in your yard, whether evergreen or not, you can wrap it with colorful string lights for an instant burst of cheer. If you want to get even more festive, add some outdoor safe ornaments and decorations.

If you don’t have a real tree but like the idea of a Christmas tree in your yard, don’t worry. There are plenty of lighted tree-shaped lawn decorations that you can use to still get that festive Christmas tree feeling.

Wrapping Trees Without a Ladder: One of the hardest things about decorating outdoor trees is dealing with their height. Bigger trees are more eye-catching and exciting but are often very hard to decorate. The first issue is figuring out how many lights are needed and how you plan to hang them. And once you figure out the number of lights, you have to get them on the tree.

If you don’t want to break out the ladder, opt for a shorter tree in your yard whose top you can reach with an extended paint roller. Attach a hook to the roller end and use the hook to drape the strand of lights around the higher branches. Check out this article for step-by-step instructions on how to decorate outdoor trees safely and efficiently.

Festive & Fancy

Fancier, refined Christmas decor often features traditional greenery that can be used throughout the entire winter season, not just the holidays. Here are some ideas on how to use greenery to create a fancy exterior this Christmas.


A staple holiday decor piece is the Christmas wreath. They can be as simple or as fancy as you like and can be customized to fit your exterior color scheme. Typically hung on windows and doors, this decor item can be hung anywhere there is space, including from or under lanterns.

Design and Placement: Wreaths can be as traditional or as unique as you want. A way to keep your wreaths fancy, but still let you add some creativity, is to frame them. If you have an old picture frame or window laying around, you can take out the backing and front glass, and then connect the wreath to the frame via a hook or ribbon. From there you can hang the frame on a door or window. You can also use the picture frame as the wreath itself, and add ornaments, ribbon and garland as accents.

If you want to use a more traditionally decorated wreath, but take it up a notch, try a small line of wreaths. You can hang them in a line, from small to large, or in a pattern. Using multiple wreaths is also a great way to utilize more modern, minimalist wreaths. Try stringing the line of wreaths across a set of windows or hang them vertically down your door.

And if you want to hang a wreath but don’t like the idea of a traditional metal hook over doors or windows due to potential damage, an easy solution is to use command hooks. Place a command hook upside down on the inside of the door as an anchor point and hang the wreath from a ribbon that wraps around the hook and over to the top of the door.


Garland is a versatile decoration that can be placed anywhere you need an extra splash of color or accent piece. Hang or wrap it around banisters, railings, and porches for a subtle compliment to the surrounding decor.

If you want a splash of color, add simple white lights or bows or berries in a color that will complement the surrounding decor. You also don’t have to use the usual pine or fir garland for Christmas decor. When decorated in a complementary way, your leftover summer or fall garland can be repurposed for Christmas.

Creative Locations: Garland isn’t just for banisters and railings. For a classy outdoor look, try framing your windows or your front door. And don't forget about your garage. Your garage is a wide expanse of real-estate that can often be overlooked. Hanging garland above the garage door is a great way to elevate the front of your house in a beautiful, elegant way.

Winter Plants

Winter plants are a great way to add color to your porch during the holiday season. Miniature pine trees and other hardy plants add a festive feel during the holidays and the rest of the season. But make sure to get plants that will thrive in your climate.

Utilize Fake Greenery: If you have a brown thumb or just don’t have the time to care for live plants during the hectic holiday season, fake plants are just as pretty and easier to maintain. Good quality fake greenery, poinsettias and small pine trees look real and take out the need for maintenance and upkeep. You can decorate them just like real plants, and they have the added bonus of being reusable, year after year.

While you would typically place these in planters, you don’t have to go out and buy a planter just for the occasion. You can also bundle greenery and berries, maybe tied with outdoor-safe ribbon for color or just twine if you want a more natural look, and place the bundle on an exterior window sill to add color and elegance to your windows.

Whether your home style is fun or fancy, take some time to enjoy decorating and spending time with family and friends during the holiday season. For more festive inspiration, check out some ideas on our Blog or on Pinterest.

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