Rollex Colors

Enjoy the endless design possibilities with our extensive color selection. Our perfectly matched color system between soffit & accessories, rainware and roofing accessories is suitable for all home types. 

Our exceptional painting system ensures consistency of color, so you know the color you order is exactly what you'll get. Plus, no matter which rich shade is chosen, our products stay true and looking new, with virtually no maintenance.

Rollex soffit, steel siding, fascia, rainware and trim are available in both matching and complementary colors.

Realize Your Vision With These Soffit and Accent Colors:

       2016 Rollex Aluminum Colors

On-line color swatches are for reference only. Colors may look different on a house compared to your computer screen or print-out. Visit your Rollex distributor or lumberyard or ask your installer to show you how beautiful these colors are in person. Not all colors are available in all collections or products. See the product listings or Buyer’s Guide for specifics.