Worn wood soffit in need of repair

Never paint your soffit again!

Spend time doing the things you love- not maintaining your home's exterior with Rollex's virtually maintenance free products. The baked on coating forms a durable finish that doesn’t collect dirt as readily as many other finishes for a long-lasting clean look. Under normal weather conditions, an occasional cleaning with a garden hose using clear, fresh water will remove loose soil and dirt.

Should you experience areas where dirt collection is heavier or mildew has occurred, the following solution is recommended to remove these build-ups:

 1/3 cup dry powdered detergent (such as Tide®)

2/3 cup tri-sodium phosphate

1 quart sodium hypochlorite 5% solution (such as Clorox®)

3 quarts water


Note:   It is advisable to use rubber gloves when handling this solution.

A stiff bristle brush may be useful for embossed metal.  To minimize streaking, always wash from the bottom to the top.  A clean water rinse should follow immediately.

Strong solvents and abrasive type cleaners should be avoided to prevent any permanent damage to the finish.  Remove caulk compounds, oil, grease, tars, wax and similar substances with mineral spirits only to those affected areas.  Follow with detergent cleaning and clear water rinsing.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly.