When selecting the right kind of siding material, what your homeowner is really looking for is the perfect home design to match their style.

Vinyl, steel and aluminum siding all offer stylish solutions across every genre.

Here are some new and impressive designs that feature these types of siding material. They’re sure to inspire a few ideas if you’re looking for beautiful, durable solutions for your home’s exterior.

Vinyl Looks We Love

1. Traditional Charm

This traditional Chicago home went through a remodel that updated its charm, thanks to the installation of vinyl siding. Vinyl is a popular choice for siding, especially in the Midwest, where homeowners want a durable and easy-to-install solution that delivers style.

The clean white color of the vinyl sets off the dark trim of the windows and door for a striking look sure to give great curb appeal.

2. Warm Colors and Mixed Materials

Here’s another modern and distinctive take on vinyl siding. This home in St. Louis uses a mix of exterior materials. The warm colors of the vinyl siding complement the natural look of the stone used in the design. Using a variety of materials brings a dynamic and versatile look to a home exterior, and vinyl siding will often make the job more budget-friendly.

3. White and Black

Vinyl siding will also stand up to harsh weather, including winters in Maine. The white and black contrast on this Portland home’s front exterior helps to showcase vinyl’s stylish (but affordable) design solutions.

All About Aluminum

4. Lightweight Impact

Aluminum is a popular roof and wall cladding material, and the Australian home above features an impressive exterior look using dark aluminum siding next to a lighter wood siding.

Aluminum siding offers homeowners a high-quality, lightweight alternative to other materials, and designers have found some impactful and stylish ways to use the materials in their projects.

5. Sustainable Design

Aluminum is also a sustainable material for siding, giving designers solutions that work for any type of design, from contemporary to mid-century to traditional. This Seattle home features siding that truly stands out and helped the project certify for 4-stars in the Built Green program.

6. Pair With Natural Elements

Aluminum siding can also be customized for any look. This Canadian home’s exterior was finished with a metal siding product that’s customized to mimic wood grain. Paired with stone and natural landscaping features, this home achieves a successfully sleek and contemporary design.

Showcasing Steel in Your Design

7. Enhance Your Style

Steel siding offers homeowners quality and durability, but the steel siding products from Rollex come in a variety of colors so homeowners can enhance their own personal style. Steel siding can be used successfully on residential building exteriors like the one above, and work effectively on homes that need to stand up to severe weather.

8. Durable and Stylish

Steel siding has its color coating added during the manufacturing process, and these coating products are tested for performance and chip resistance. The steel is also treated with zinc for rust resistance. The sleek siding featured on this Australian home is guaranteed to handle even Australia’s harshest environments, making it one of the most durable materials available on the market.

9. Long-Term Beauty

Because there are so many options for exteriors, it’s important to work with brands that make your steel siding solution a long-term solution. The Rollex steel siding used in the project above was selected for its longevity, which is why so many builders and homeowners use it to protect their homes. It’s also just as easy to install as any other siding and comes with the additional benefit of low-maintenance!

10. Vivid Colors That Last

The design here features a vivid exterior style that will last for decades. Promising a 40-year paint finish warranty, the steel siding on this home comes with excellent resistance to fading and environmental weathering.

Enjoying Your Exterior Design

Whatever the goals for your home’s exterior design, there are siding solutions that come in all types of colors, finishes and materials. And when you work with high-quality brands like Rollex, you know you’ll get a look and finished product that you’ll love for the long-term.

If you need further inspiration for your next design, take a look at a few more of Rollex’s projects here. Or check out our guide to choosing colors for your exterior.


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