When asked what the first thing they look for in a new home is, most potential homebuyers reply that curb appeal matters most.

In fact, according to Builder Magazine, as many as 78% of home buyers stress the importance of a good façade.

So, if you’re looking to update your home’s exterior there are several trends that can create an eye-catching facade sure to increase your home’s value and saleability. These three house siding trends are poised to take off in a big way in 2018, making them worthy of any home.

Lights and Darks

No matter what type of siding you decide to put on your home, or ultimately what color scheme you settle on, one that stands out as appealing to most people right now is a mixture of light and dark tones.

It’s long been accepted that using a trim a few shades lighter than your siding color can help that siding pop, but today’s trends are taking it a step further.

Homeowners are beginning to use a mixture of different tones to add depth to their exterior designs. You can create a subtle look by using a slightly darker shade on the lower half of the home, a lighter shade of the same color on the upper half, and a third shade on the trim to create dimension. Or, create something with a bigger dramatic punch by using a very dark gray on the majority of the siding, with accent areas in a lighter gray, trim in a crisp white, and a pop of a bold color on the front door to finish the deal. The key is to blend two to three different shades in one façade—no longer simply sticking to one color over its entirety.

Steel Siding

When it comes to the actual material your siding is made of, there are a few trends driving consumer focus right now. One is eco-friendliness, or sustainability; homeowners want a green material for this important area of their homes.

The second driving force is durability. No one wants a siding that’s going to dent, chip, or flake easily, and anyone putting in the investment of a new façade wants it to last as long as possible.

Steel siding meets both of these criteria, combining sustainability and durability into one, attractive product. Steel is not only 100% recyclable, it’s also made from recycled material, making it safe for both you and the environment. It doesn’t produce silica dust when installed, and won’t melt or warp like vinyl.

Steel also has an oven-baked finish that won’t fade, peel, or chip the way that wood can, so your new exterior will continue to look great year after year. In fact, steel siding is virtually maintenance free as well as durable.

Combined with tight seams and a natural-looking wood grain finish, steel provides both the appearance and the durability that homeowners want for their exteriors.

Mixed Siding

The third trend in house siding for 2018 that more homeowners are beginning to look for involves using a variety of sizes or styles of cladding. Mixing and matching isn’t a new trend, but the way it’s being utilized, and the different combinations that homeowners are beginning to use, is.

One new way to mix and match is to create a more rustic look for your home’s exterior by using different board widths over the same area.

While this can make installation a little more time consuming to get right, the results give you a home with a lot of character, regardless of the material.

Another method of mixing and matching involves using different styles of siding over the different sections of the home.

For example, using a shiplap on the lower half of the home, while the upper portion uses a traditional Dutch lap installation. Or, using shingles in accent area to call more attention to them. You can also use vertical siding in the gables, or cover sections in tried and true brick, mixing it with decorative shingles.

Mixing and matching the size and shape of siding throughout the exterior, adds interest to the home, thus increasing its curb appeal.

Update Your Home’s Siding for 2018

With a focus on sustainability and character, these trends are sure to last, carrying homes into the next decades in style. If your home is ready for a change, consider utilizing one of these three trends over your exterior to get the style, durability, sustainability, and interest you’re after.

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