Planning to build or remodel a home comes with a unique set of decisions for homeowners and professional builders to navigate. A huge component of that process is choosing the right materials.

If you’re working on a home's exterior, you’ll want to choose materials that will protect the interior, reinforce a home’s structure, and fit a family’s style of living.

Steel siding has been an option in the industry for decades now. Its durability, seamless look, and environmentally-responsible manufacturing process make it a great option. We’re going to look at just a few more reasons why steel siding has been such a popular choice in exterior home design.

Better for the Environment

Steel has long been a popular choice for siding because of its longevity and material strength, but also because it’s a material that is highly recyclable.

In fact, steel is the most recycled material on the planet - it’s also 100% recyclable even when it’s discarded or considered scrap material. Newer steel products are made up of about 25% recycled content. The metal can be recycled over and over again and doesn’t lose any of its strength or quality in the process!

Opting for steel siding is a great way to reduce a project's environmental impact and conserve natural resources.

More Eye-Catching Options in Siding

The type of siding you choose for an exterior can say a lot about a home. And for those that choose steel siding, the options are extensive!

Today’s steel siding comes in a variety of colors, sizes and textures. From pre-painted options to wood-grain embossing, steel siding will enhance a home’s design, no matter what kind of style is prefered.

Corrugated steel, for instance, can add a rustic feel to a design. Steel siding panels from Rollex offer a home tight, clean seams that deliver a classic, clean curb appeal.

Steel siding panels can also be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on taste. There really is no limit to design options when it comes to steel siding!

Easy Maintenance

When choosing products for a home’s design, you’ll want to consider how much maintenance those materials require.

Steel siding is one of the most low-maintenance exterior materials on the market—ideal for busy families who want to use their weekends for fun.

If you choose a high-quality steel product with protective paint, gently washing the siding a couple of times a year will keep any erosion at bay and keep a home’s exterior looking like new.

Exceptional Durability

An especially attractive and practical feature of steel siding is its strength and durability.

Steel protects again pests and rot, it’s more fire-resistant than most other siding materials, and it can hold its own against rust and other oxidizing agents. Steel siding protects like no other against inclement weather, and it doesn’t dent or chip like other siding materials might.

Regionally Versatile

Steel siding is highly versatile and stands up to a variety of different regional climates. Steel siding will not crack or chip because of freezing temperatures or a dry summer. More tropical, rain-soaked regions might pose a threat to some home exterior materials, but the seamless look of steel isn’t just appealing to the eye – the tighter seams protect a home against water leakage, and won’t absorb moisture like wood can.

Flexible Design Options for the Future

One of the most appealing features of steel siding is that it can be paired with a variety of other materials for a more customized design. Mix-and-match steel siding with other materials like stone or wood shingles, and give a home a more dynamic appeal.

There’s a lot that steel siding can do for both a home’s exterior design and protection, as well as for the well being of our planet. By choosing steel siding, homeowners will benefit from the same great qualities that have protected them for decades, and will continue to do so for years to come.