Are you searching for color-rich vinyl siding designs to help inspire your next home improvement project? There are so many material and color options available on the market, so it can be challenging to know which direction is right for your home.

Vinyl is the most popular material among homeowners, contractors and home designers — with good reason. It’s more cost-effective than other alternatives, extremely durable and can possess the look and feel of genuine hardwood without all the maintenance that hardwood requires. Vinyl siding also comes in various colors and styles, making it one of the most diverse material options on the market today.

7 Unique Dark Vinyl Siding Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

If you’re searching for dark vinyl siding design ideas to inspire your next home design project, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing a dark color for your home’s exterior may seem daring to some, but to others, it’s the only option that makes sense.

Here are seven unique and inspiring dark-colored vinyl siding design ideas to help get those creative juices flowing:

1. Inverted Traditional

There’s nothing wrong with traditional aesthetics and classic styling. Still, there’s something unique and exciting about flipping those design constructs on their head.

The designer of this home did just that by choosing to pair dark gray siding with bright white trim and a rocky exterior to create a beautiful contrast in a new and inspiring way. This house is the perfect example of how beneficial it can be to think outside the box.

2. Mix and Match Siding

Speaking of thinking outside the box — the designer of this modern home decided to mix and match different sidings to feature other parts of the house, and the results are breathtaking! We particularly love how the homeowner utilized a shake-style, burnt orange siding to highlight the home’s second story.

3. Dark Blue Paired With Crisp, White Trim

The designer of this home understood that dark-colored houses can be just as elegant and refined as light-colored homes. The choice to pair a deep blue and stone siding with bright white trim shows the true brilliance of their design. With this design, all the attention is drawn to the pops of white, which makes the dark colors a perfect blank canvas to show off other exterior features.

4. Gray Siding with Natural Detailing

Gray vinyl siding paired with natural wood touches and white trim create the perfect contrast for a home. To enhance this contrast further, add stone detailing to the front porch design like this residence above. All of these features blend beautifully together, creating a modern yet classic design that will impress for years to come.

5. Deep Earth Tones

Keep your home neutral yet beautiful with a brown siding. Not only does this home utilize dark siding, but it also uses a beige trim and mocha-colored gutters to continue the brown trend throughout the entire design. The designer created a seamless look that exudes charm and an earthy feel, guaranteed to fit into any neighborhood.

6. Olive Green Tones

Here’s another beautiful home exterior design utilizing dark vinyl. This home designer decided to drop the neutral dark tones in favor of olive green siding paired with brick facades and black shutters.

The decision to pair it with the alternating pops of white trim not only gives this home crisp lines, but the perfect blend of colors also adds character.

7. Contrast with Deeper Shades of Siding

If you want a house that is unique, it should probably look the part, which is precisely what the designer had in mind when they chose the color story for this home. Pairing the light tan siding with a deeper brown shade of vinyl shake is both intriguing and surprisingly beautiful.

In addition, the red brick facade on the first story adds even more depth to this design. Utilizing the dark colors of the shake vinyl and red brick creates a stark contrast that we didn’t know we needed and adds a dynamic quality to this gorgeous home.

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