Metal siding, such as steel, is tough, durable and lower in maintenance than more traditional materials. It’s also fully recyclable and often contains a lot of recycled material, making it a more environmentally-friendly choice as well.

For these reasons, metal siding is quickly becoming one of the more preferred materials when the time comes to cladding a home. With the many different styles and design options available, metal siding can also complement a wide range of architectural styles as well.

Modern Metal Siding Design Ideas

If you have a modern home and are looking for ways to elevate its style while improving its exterior durability and lowering your maintenance, take a look at these eight modern steel siding design ideas:

1. Stacked Styles

This home is broken up vertically by the wrap-around porch and the roof overhang that covers it. So, it makes sense that the siding should also be broken up into vertical sections as well, to complete the look and play up the appearance.

Metal siding is used in a shingle and panel form, so you get a lot of depth that mixes well with the many windows.

2. Standing Seams

One of the oldest forms of metal siding used corrugated sheets to cover the exterior of a home. This gave way to flat-seam panels, and finally, to standing seam panels.

The board and batten look is fast and easy to install, provide a more weathertight exterior and can give your home a very sleek and contemporary look with the long, vertical lines they produce.

3. Mixed Materials

This modern home features a lot of different materials, which helps call attention to various parts of the home. Included in the mix are some board and batten metal panels, brick and a few different types of horizontal lap siding.

The different materials and colors used vertically and horizontally help keep the exterior from looking bland or boring, and the light, warm wood siding helps soften the dark-colored metal siding, keeping it from being too overpowering. Plus, the durable materials offer protection from the elements.

4. Accented Areas

This home makes great use of metal lap siding as accents on different sections. The two roof peaks and the connecting middle area get played up visually by using contrasting siding in a darker color while the rest of the home is done in white.

The look is fresh, modern and constantly adds visual appeal.

5. Industrial Design

There are many ways to create a modern home. This sleek style uses corrugated metal sheeting on parts of the exterior to help give it a more industrial look. This combines well with the oversized plate glass windows and adds some contrast to the natural wood trim as well, giving the design a lot of depth and detail.

6. Continual Board and Batten

This home makes good use of board and batten metal panels on the siding and on the roof. It helps create contrasting angles on the home, which plays up the fact that there are so many different roof lines.

To break up the vertical lines, the lower half of the home is clad in two different materials as well.

7. Horizontal Paneling

This home uses different materials to accent various areas. Many modern designs use differently shaped sections like this to create more dynamic lines. The corrugated metal sheeting installed horizontally over some of the sections helps to highlight them and call more attention to the exterior, while the wood accents add warmth to the home.

8. Pops of Color

This home uses some narrow standing seam panels to accent and break up the exterior. Oversized windows and some boldly colored wall panels help add some interest to the exterior, so there’s a variety of different colors and textures making up the facade. This helps add interest to the home’s stark shape and lines.

Complete Your Modern Home With Metal Siding

Metal siding is durable, attractive and versatile. It can complement a wide range of different styles and designs, including modern homes, and it’s much lower in maintenance than wood siding. Visit Rollex to learn more about steel siding’s benefits and uses, and to start the process of cladding your home in this innovative material.