Steel siding is one of the lowest maintenance and most durable materials for exterior cladding on the market today. It has a natural-looking wood grain, a fade-resistant finish, and it comes in a range of designer colors.

Most people installing steel siding on their homes, however, aren’t aware that is available in two styles. Steel siding can be installed in the traditional horizontal lap siding style or, with vertical board and batten steel siding, it can be installed vertically to create a traditional board and batten look on your home as well. Used as an accent or as the cladding over your home’s entirety, steel board and batten siding gives you the look, style and durability you want for your home.

What Is Board and Batten Siding?

Board and batten is a style of siding, or cladding, where the panels are installed vertically, rather than horizontally. It’s one of the oldest types of siding, first introduced when sawmills began producing cut boards in America.

The boards were installed vertically over the frame of the house once it was complete. Because there would be a gap between the boards, a thinner strip of wood, called a batten, was fastened over the cracks. Installing the cladding this way meant there were fewer cracks in the exterior than the log cabin style and, therefore, provided a more comfortable interior.

Today, board and batten style siding is still used on cottages, rustic-style homes and vacation homes. It’s meant to give a rustic exterior that is reminiscent of the older log cabins, but with an updated, modern look.

While most houses today still use wood when creating a board and batten look, it’s also possible to use other materials. Board and batten metal siding can give you the same traditional appearance, along with the added benefits that steel siding brings. A steel board and batten panels won’t chip, peel or crack, and will last for years with very little maintenance needed.

Including Board and Batten Metal Siding in Your Design

Just like with wood board and batten siding, steel board and batten can be used to create a wide range of styles for your home’s exterior. It can be used exclusively, as the only cladding, or it can be combined with other claddings and materials to produce unique and interesting exteriors.

Consider the designs below if you’re looking for inspiration or ideas on how you could use metal board and batten siding on your home.


Board and batten siding can be used as an accent or detail with other traditional types of siding. In this case, the board and batten is installed under the eaves of the home, paired with a horizontal lap siding of the same material and color. The matching color helps unify the two areas and makes the effect a little more subtle, while the texture and position of the siding draw the eye upward to create a focal point.

All Over Rustic Cladding

When used over the entirety of the house, board and batten siding can produce a very rustic look, reminiscent of a log cabin. This building is clad in steel board and batten, as well as a metal roof. Natural wood and stone are used as accents to complete the rustic look, but the metal siding and roof help create a much more durable, low maintenance home.

Mixing Materials

Steel board and batten siding mixes well with other materials to give you a customized appearance for your home. In this case, the lower portion of the main house is clad in fieldstone. A metal roof provides a break between the two areas, then the metal board and batten siding continues above. The effect adds dimension to the building and bridges the gap between a rustic and a modern appearance.

Sleek Design

The unique roofline of this home is one of its most outstanding characteristics. To show it off, the roof is clad in standing seam metal. The lines of the roof not only accentuate its shape, but they also set the stage for the board and batten metal siding below. Together, the two areas create a sleek, interesting look for the home. In order to keep the metal material from overwhelming the design, however, stone and plaster are used on the lower section.

Get Traditional Style and Durability With Steel Siding

Board and batten styles are popular in many areas and on many styles of architecture. With steel siding, you can get those traditional and popular looks, but with the durability and low maintenance care of steel. Steel board and batten siding won’t warp, split, peel or chip, and the color is fade-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your home’s exterior for longer. Consider steel board and batten siding from Rollex to get the durability of siding with the rustic look you want for your home.