For the past couple of years, we’ve seen a transition in home design with color palettes ranging from soft whites and neutrals to deeper, bolder tones.

So what can we expect to see in home exterior color in 2018? PPG Paints named their Black Flame hue as the 2018 Color of the Year, so we expect to see dramatic style in homes this coming year.

We’re excited to dig into regional trends and take a look at what influences homeowners across the country. Maybe some of these regional styles and color palettes will inspire a fresh, new exterior for your own home.

Colors for Your Home’s Architectural Style

The architectural style of a home is key to determining what colors work best for its exterior. But that’s not the only influence on home exterior colors across the country: different regions might have the same key architectural styles.

Ranch style homes, for instance, are popular throughout the West and South, but we’ve found that each region has subtle differences in exterior colors unique to its natural environment. Let’s take a look.

Showcasing Natural Beauty: Regional Colors

Throughout the states we see a rich variety of color palettes, each drawing from its local environment. After all, what better place to draw color inspiration than from its natural source?

The West

The sprawling mountain ranges and thick forests in western states like Montana and Colorado are filled with rich, earthy colors.

The West has an abundance of traditional homes that blend wood, stone, and other natural elements in their designs. Peaked rooftops mimic the surrounding mountaintops giving full license to palettes of soft browns and grays.

With tonalities ranging from muted to dark to vibrant, homeowners have a ton of gorgeous options.

Showcasing some of the more stunning tones of these palettes are PPG Paint’s Cool Charcoal, Aria, and Rapid Rock.

Pacific Northwest

The architectural styles in the northwest encourage mid to dark color tones, pulling inspiration directly from surrounding landscapes.

Greens and blues are in high demand in this region, as are deep reds and browns.  Soft, pale accents like Rollex’s Snowmist are the perfect complement to the region’s deep color palette.  


In the Midwest, we can expect to see warmer tones of golds and reds, mimicking the prairies and fields that dominate the landscape.

The Midwest color palette also borrows inspiration from the industrial skyline of its cities. It’s the heart of the manufacturing industry, where rusty reds and deep blues  further enhance exterior design. We love the bold Pacific Blue on this home’s exterior, which features Rollex steel siding.


The southern region boasts a natural palette of clay browns, earthy reds, and pale yellows.

The most common architectural styles in this region favor modern farmhouses, ranch homes, and Mediterranean styles. Base hues are often a classic neutral or off-white, with accents of warm brown or deep red.

New England

The northeastern landscape of New England features abundant forests, rolling hills, and quaint seaside towns.

When we think of New England homes, most of us have the Cape Cod style in mind. Architectural styles in this region are deeply traditional, drawing from Colonial style structures and farmhouses.

Exterior color palettes in New England showcase an array of whites, blues, and grays, inspired by the coastal landscape.


Southeast style architecture is a bit of a melting pot, drawing from traditional Mediterranean and Southern Colonial homes.

The humid climate brings with it an array of flora and fauna and means we’ll see shades of green dot the region’s palette, along with fresh blues, coral tones and sunny yellows.

If your taste is on the subtle side, you could try incorporating brighter pops of color in exterior details like your soffit and rainware, or even the front door. The home below features a handsome shingled exterior, complemented by our soffit in Sungold.

2018: Bold Home Design

2018 is the year of bold design choices and colors that catch the eye.

Homeowners have some great options this year when it comes to exterior design, and with such a wide array of colors we’re sure to see some gorgeous remodels and new homes in 2018. It’s the perfect opportunity to see what color can do to enhance your home’s exterior.

Enhance your home's exterior

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