Changing the siding on your home is an exciting process and the perfect opportunity to add some color to your property. Many homeowners automatically select standard, neutral colors for their siding out of worry that a brighter color might be too daring. If you share this apprehension, then Pacific Blue could be the perfect shade for your home.

Designing an Exterior With Blue Siding

The majority of homes are clad in earthy tones, such as browns, tans, creams and greys. Homes with more color are commonly seen in yellows, greens and reds.

However, over the past few years, blue has really come into the spotlight as a trendy, modern choice for all types of homes. Homeowners that want color siding but are apprehensive about bright shades have found that the right color of blue offers a perfect balance.

Within the blue category, you'll find a wide range of different shades, from ultra-light blues like seafoam to ultra-darks such as a true midnight blue. Right in the middle of these two extremes is the medium-intensity, cool Pacific Blue.

Pacific Blue is a universally attractive shade offered by Rollex. This shade is a true blue color with a grey base that places it more on the cool side of the spectrum. Being right in the middle between light and dark blue has a number of advantages as well.

For example, very light siding will require more cleaning to keep it looking fresh. With a medium shade like Pacific Blue, your home can go longer between cleanings while still looking tidy.

Very dark siding is fairly low-maintenance in terms of cleaning but can look a bit too intimidating or bold to some homeowners. Pacific Blue is dark enough to add substance to a home but isn't so dark that it appears overwhelming.

Don’t forget to consider the rules of your local Homeowners Association. If your home is subject to HOA laws, you can be limited in what color siding you may have. Because Pacific Blue isn't an overpowering shade, the chances are high this shade will be approved by your HOA board.

Enhancing Blue Siding With Other Colors

If you like blue siding but don't want to commit to it completely, you can clad only a portion of your house. Pacific Blue works very well with other colors, even with some colors you wouldn't expect.

For instance, featured above is an example of how Pacific Blue can be placed with other, more bold, colors. The addition of Barn Red and white siding adds a lot of contrast, yet manages to not be too overwhelming. This patriotic theme is just one example of the flexibility of the right color of blue.

Other colors that work very well alongside Pacific Blue are shades of tan, brown and greys. Wood siding and stone facade also look particularly beautiful with Pacific Blue. Even when a total home siding remodel isn't in your budget, simply re-siding a garage or top story can add a modern twist and boost the curb appeal of your home.

Don't forget about your window and door trim as well. Blue siding with bright white trim has a very contemporary, elegant feel to it. You could also go the opposite with contrast by doing very dark blue, grey or even black trim. Replacing or repainting trim should always be done after a re-siding to ensure any gaps around windows and doors are covered.

Benefits of Steel as Your Blue Siding

Blue just might be the dream color you have in mind, but part of your decision to re-side your home is choosing the right material.

You can find a range of blue shades in essentially every siding material, including painted wood, fiber cement and vinyl. Each material has its own pros and cons, but if you favor durability, long-lasting beauty and easy care, steel siding is the best choice.

Rollex's Aurora Steel in Pacific Blue is clearly a beautiful dusky shade of blue and comes with a number of benefits over other materials. Aurora Steel is exceptionally strong and can withstand winds of over 155 mph. The baked-on protective coating won't splinter, crack or flake.

Additionally, the Nova UVX coating ensures the Pacific Blue color you fell in love with will look just as bright after years of use. Better yet, caring for your steel siding requires nothing more than the occasional cleaning with a hose. Aurora Pacific Blue steel siding is a versatile, trendy color that will complement any style of home, whether urban or rural, Victorian or Craftsman. If you're interested in cladding your home in Pacific Blue, contact a Rollex representative today.