Trim coil is a thin sheet of aluminum covered with a water-based coating used to cover the exposed wood trim on a home. It can be bent and shaped on the job site to create a custom fit. Since it requires virtually no maintenance and won’t chip, flake or scratch, it’s the perfect product for exterior finishing.

Aluminum trim coil can be used in a variety of applications, but it’s primarily used where wood is exposed to the elements as a way to add protection and increase the longevity of the building. Trim coil can be used to create all of the following — plus more:

  • Drip edge to protect the edge of the roof
  • Fascia that extends around the perimeter of the home and up the rake boards
  • Frieze boards
  • Post wraps
  • Window and door trim
  • Roof flashing

Trim Coil Offers Many Benefits

Aesthetic Appeal

The woodgrain trim coil pattern offers a more natural aesthetic appearance which can enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as provide an aura of subtle elegance.


Trim coil is manufactured in long sheets and delivered to the job site in a coil. From there, it can be cut and shaped on-site to create a customized trim that will fit seamlessly into your project’s aesthetic.

Easy Maintenance

This versatile building material is virtually maintenance-free and naturally resists scratches due to the high-quality coating. At Rollex, our aluminum trim coil even sheds dirt and washes clean in the rain, along with offering superior protection to guard against chalking and fading.

Range of Colors

Our trim coils have a durable finish that protects against cracking, crimping, flaking and scratching, allowing you to rest easy knowing your trim’s finish won’t be damaged. It is also available in 20 different colors , to help you find a color palette to match the rest of the house.

Our trim coil is also available in wood grain to get a perfect and subtle natural look that nods to nostalgia for the best overall look and experience.

Durable and Flexible

Manufactured from .019 gauge aluminum, wood grain aluminum trim coil is durable and provides sufficient rigidity for wide pieces and enough flexibility to be fashioned on the job site with standard tools.

Increases Home’s Longevity

Trim coil protects the underlying wood of the home from heat and moisture, increasing the home’s longevity and reducing the amount of maintenance required on the home’s exterior.

Design with Wood Grain Aluminum Trim Coil

Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate wood grain aluminum trim coil into a home’s exterior design. As technology continues to transform our world, it gives us more options than ever before and connects us on a global scale, many homeowners desire to look back at older aesthetics to regain a sense of the familiar.

Stone, wood and brick continue to be building materials that top the list when it comes to creating a nostalgic and welcoming home exterior.

Pair with Beautiful Brick

Some modern designs lean towards curved lines, an open concept, and polished surfaces, but many people are craving the nostalgia of what seemed like cozier times. Traditional brick homes exude comfort and tranquility, a design that never goes out of style. Pairing wood grain aluminum trim coil with a brick exterior adds a natural touch that further grounds the design in nature and nurture.

Add a Natural Element to Mid-Century Style

Mid-century modern homes — with their brick exterior that focuses on horizontal lines and narrow windows grouped together in arrays that allow light into the home — are well suited to wood grain aluminum trim coil.

Create a Subtle Accent for a Natural Aesthetic

The subtle wood grain pattern of wood grain aluminum trim coil adds to a natural aesthetic. It is the perfect complement to natural materials like stone, brick and natural wood to create protection and a finished look.

Rollex Wood Grain Aluminum Trim Coil Offers Unparalleled Quality and Natural Beauty

We are proud of our products which are guaranteed not to crack, split, peel, flake or rust — that’s why we stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty. Using our high-quality wood grain aluminum trim coil, you can create stunning curb appeal and complete the natural look of the home.

For a complete look, our Color-Thru program is an integrated color system that includes soffit, fascia, drip edge, rainware and trim coil in a consistent color. The color of the trim will match the rest of the home perfectly, and the wood grain texture will add subtle depth and dimension.

In addition to our dedication to making quality products for the home, we are also dedicated to protecting the environment. We recycle most of the metal, oil and wastewater that are generated during manufacturing. We also source American materials within 500 miles of our Illinois plant to reduce our carbon footprint while bringing you high-quality products that you can be proud of. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of wood grain aluminum trim for your upcoming projects.