If you're looking to improve the exterior of your home, there is nothing more impactful than the siding. While options like wood lap siding are popular, it is costly and requires maintenance to maintain its integrity.

A great, cost-effective alternative is vinyl lap siding. Here is what you should know about vinyl lap siding and some bold, dark vinyl siding colors to consider using on your home.

Vinyl Lap Siding Benefits

Vinyl lap siding is made of long panels that interlock to block water and moisture from reaching the walls of a house. It creates a traditional look on the exterior of your home and can mimic the appearance of wood lap siding. Vinyl lap siding has many benefits which include:

1. Durability

Vinyl siding is a durable material that is made to last for many years. Vinyl resists pests, fading and scratches to help ensure longevity. The panels' interlocking nature also helps keep them securely in place to protect your home from the elements.

2. Low Maintenance

Options like wood siding require a lot of maintenance. You have to paint or stain the wood, apply protective sealants and take other steps to ensure it remains in good condition. Vinyl siding does not require maintenance, you just have to clean it occasionally. There is no repainting or sealing required.

3. Energy Efficient

When installed properly and depending on the R-value, vinyl siding can help significantly lower heating and cooling costs. Adding an insulated backer to the siding and installing energy-efficient windows and doors can further savings.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl siding uses less raw materials than stone, brick or cement siding, which makes it a more environmentally friendly material. Because it doesn't require repainting, caulking or other chemical-based treatments, it adds to the sustainability.

5. Easy to Install

Vinyl is one of the easiest materials to install due to its lightweight construction and interlocking nature. Unlike stone, brick or cement siding, vinyl siding requires significantly less labor to install.

6. Budget-Friendly

Getting new siding isn't cheap, but vinyl lap siding can provide some relief. It is a budget-friendly option that is widely available and doesn’t have a complicated installation process.

Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl siding comes in various colors, from bright and bold blues and greens to neutral whites and beiges. When considering the options, there are some additional things to consider:

  • Style of Home: From a Craftsman to a Victorian to a Lowcountry home, the style of your home may impact the color decision process.
  • Neighborhood: Consider the various design styles and color options you see in your neighborhood.
  • Sun Exposure: How much sun exposure does your home get? Dark colors attract more sunlight while lighter colors reflect them.
  • Preferences and Longevity: While you consider what colors you like best, it’s important to consider whether the color(s) will be something you still love years down the road.

While light colors like white and beige have been and remain popular for a long time, there is a growing interest in dark vinyl siding. Homeowners everywhere are opting for darker siding colors like grays and black for a bolder and more dramatic exterior.

7 Examples of Dark Color Vinyl Siding

You can look at dark siding color options online, but it isn't the same as seeing it on an actual house. Here are seven houses that opted for dark siding so you can get an idea of the color options and design possibilities.

1. Match Your Roof Color

One design possibility is to match your siding color to your roof. This home has a traditional architectural style with sharp, clean rooflines. The dark gray-brown vinyl siding matches the dark shingles and creates an illusion of greater height.

Bright white fascia and soffit create a break between the roof and siding to add a pop of contrast, along with the white trim around the windows. The stone masonry at the base of the home adds a more subtle contrast and texture with the darker stones helping to tie the feature into the siding.

2. Mix and Match Colors and Materials

You may like the idea of using dark vinyl siding colors, but be reluctant to use it on your entire house. This home shows that you can mix colors and types of siding to create a beautiful, impressive look. The rich brown of the shake siding on the upper part of the front makes it stand out as a focal point.

In contrast, the light brown vinyl siding on the rest of the house creates a more subtle feel that allows the shake shingles to be the focus. The lower stone section blends in somewhat while adding more texture at the bottom of the house to create balance with the second story.

3. Go with a Rich, Dark Blue

Blue is a popular color for siding, especially in darker tones. This home combines deep blue and dark gray stone. To break up the richness of the blue and the gray of the stone, the trim, fascia, soffit and garage door are white, adding a touch of brightness to the overall design.

4. Gray, Blue and Stone

This house offers another take on combining colors and materials. While the vinyl siding is gray, the area under the porch is light-colored stone, which adds contrast. Additionally, the brown garage door is accentuated by the vinyl siding.

5. Choose Natural, Earth Tones

Dark color vinyl siding doesn't have to be blue or black — you can also opt for natural tones in darker hues. This home has an exterior in browns. One wall has dark brown vertical vinyl paired with dark brown wood shakes. There are also red brick areas, which bring additional natural tones to the house.

6. Somewhat Traditional

If you don't want to be too daring in your choice of siding color, consider going more traditional and neutral. This home doesn't have dark siding like the other houses on the list, but it is still darker than a traditional beige and is highlighted by the contrast created with the red brick accent.

7. Dark-to-Light

Updating Your Home with Rollex

There are many ways to update the exterior of your home. Your siding can have the biggest impact and to stand out from the rest, consider dark vinyl siding.

The examples we’ve shown you prove it is easy to make dark siding work on any home style. Rollex offers high-quality vinyl lap siding in various colors, allowing you to find the perfect option and even mix-and-match colors for a more custom look. You can pair your new Rollex siding with matching or contrasting soffit and rain gutters to help complete the entire look for a perfect, cohesive design. Contact Rollex today to learn more about our vinyl siding, soffit and rain gutters and how you can use them to enhance your home's exterior!