There are a few tried-and-true exterior colors homeowners continue to fall back on to enhance the beauty of their home. A palette with earth tones and more neutral shades of color offer the perfect canvas for a wide variety of home design details.

But sometimes these classic colors and traditional exteriors fall a little flat. Traditional shades of brown or gray can sometimes get boring!

What follows are a few ways to use these dependable, classic colors to make your home’s exterior stand out from the rest.

Add Depth With Exterior Design Details

Rollex’s Country Beige vinyl siding provides the base color for this home’s exterior, so the options for accent colors are endless.

Using several different materials on the exterior is a great way to add depth and interest to your home’s design. By adding sections of Clay siding and Storm Gray trim, the homeowner highlights the beauty of the natural stone veneer. Working with a variety of materials adds a bit of texture to the exterior, and Rollex’s Horizon vinyl siding features an embossed wood-grain texture to give it a more dynamic appeal.

Go Bold With Your Beige

The main color theme in this home’s exterior is also a traditional beige, but just because it’s classic doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.

The Country Beige siding here is balanced by deeper tones of Storm Gray in the garage doors, pillars and window trim, with gable decorations and shutters in an earthy Clay tone to add visual interest. The darker tones in this exterior palette contrast well with the lighter, sandy tones in the brick veneer.

You can enhance the look even further with a simple but vibrant landscaping design like this homeowner did, which helps to frame the home’s attractive facade.

A Statement of Sophistication: Storm Gray

Beige also works well in smaller details. This home’s exterior trim uses Country Beige to highlight the beauty of the deep Storm Gray siding chosen for this home’s palette. The natural wood of the garage door panels contrast perfectly with the darker tones, and the use of brick helps to support the overall look with additional texture.

The arches and curved lines on the facade add more visual interest and ensure this home’s handsome exterior makes an impression like no other.

Tips for Enhancing Your Exterior

When you choose your home’s exterior colors (whether you’re adding onto an existing palette or starting over completely), remember a few strategies before you get to work.

  • Get samples of the color if possible, so you can see how it looks in different settings: when it’s cloudy vs. a sunny day, for instance.
  • Take the color of your roof into account when you’re selecting shades for your exterior.
  • Talk to designers or other professionals about possibilities: Thinking about color and how it will help your exterior is part of their job, and they’ll probably offer some great suggestions.
  • Look at the surrounding area for color inspiration. You want your home to stand out, but if all the houses on your block are traditional colors, you might not want to choose a bright yellow for the base (but instead add it to the front door).

Rollex’s Horizon vinyl siding offers homeowners a wide range of colors to choose from, including the shades featured in this post. And working with Rollex vinyl siding ensures that your color will last for the life of the home, with little upkeep or sweat equity on your part.

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