Steel siding is one of the most versatile materials in home exterior design.  

Most people’s first thoughts of steel are limited to large, metallic sheets covering garages and sheds. But the reality is that steel is a popular choice for homeowners, thanks to its ability to take on almost any shape, texture, and finish.  

Steel siding can create durable, wow-worthy exteriors that meet homeowner’s needs, and we’ve got a few examples to show you exactly what we mean. 


Metal doesn’t have to mean modern. Those who love a rustic look can still enjoy the benefits of steel siding. Some manufacturers specialize in creating steel siding with a rusted or weathered look, giving homes a down-to-earth feel.  

Normally, this look wouldn’t be achievable without putting metal through years of exposure. However, thanks to specialized finishing techniques, homeowners can get brand new, top-quality exterior installations that have the character of aged construction. Combining this look with stained wood adds to the aged, rustic feel. 


Wood requires regular treatments and inspections to prevent moisture damage, mold, insect infestation, and warping. It must be repainted or refinished every few years, and any warping can leave the rest of your home’s structure vulnerable to more damage.  

Using steel siding as an alternative to actual wood helps you save time and money on maintenance and repairs. It also gives you a chance to avoid the aforementioned risks. 

The home pictured here was clad with Rollex’s Seneca Variegated Steel Siding. This siding has the visual aesthetic of wood with a similar texture. The embossing pattern of the siding helps create the impression of authentic wood. This type of siding is practically maintenance-free which is a sharp contrast from the intensive maintenance needs of real wood siding.


Steel siding makes it easier than ever to dress your home with bright, lasting color. Many steel siding products now come in a variety of highly pigmented colors and are designed to resist fading.  

This durability is a major advantage over painted exteriors, which are prone to weathering, chipping, flaking, and dulling. The ready-made nature of colored steel siding also eliminates the need for extra time and labor that painting would require, not to mention the ongoing maintenance of keeping a painted exterior looking fresh. 

This residential facility in Hollywood was given a striking look with the addition of artfully arranged, red and orange steel siding panels. Using this approach allowed a high-impact design to be achieved with minimal effort required during construction.  


Steel siding isn’t reserved for specialty installations. The material is so versatile that it can easily be used in traditional exterior designs. Many homeowners adopt steel siding as their exterior covering, and the only visible difference from old fashioned sidings is steel’s resistance to wear and tear.  

Exposure to elements such as hail, snow, wind, and rain is not an issue. Resistant to dents and scratches, steel will retain a like-new appearance for far longer than traditional siding products. The home below is outfitted with Rollex Steel Siding, which has been oven-fused for superior durability.  


This breathtaking Australian home is a perfect example of how steel siding matches with contemporary, sustainable architecture. The sleek look of the steel siding complements the earthiness of the timber cladding elements, striking a balance between modernity and nature. This was an important goal for the designers, who aimed to make the home eco-friendly.  

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world, and many steel siding products are fully or partially recyclable. The low-maintenance needs of steel siding also make it a sustainable choice.  


Steel siding can be used for more than a full exterior covering—it makes for attractive accent elements that can enhance your home’s design. In this photo, strips of silvery corrugated steel siding pop against the dusty blue cedar shake that covers most of the home’s exterior.  

By using steel siding as an accent, Smith & Vansant Architects managed to design a home that has plenty of visual interest. Had they stuck with only the cedar shake as the exterior covering, the home would have much more subdued appearance.  


Whether it’s being used to build rustic country retreats or bold, modern homes, steel is the perfect choice for creative exterior design. Steel siding is as versatile as it is durable, and will keep you protected in a home you’re proud of for years to come.