There are a lot of factors that go into calculating your home’s value. It’s condition, the neighborhood, the overall size and architecture and, of course, the way that it looks.

Curb appeal, or the way that a house looks when viewed from the street, can often make or break a sale and, therefore, is crucial to the value of your property. For this reason, most homeowners — even those who don’t plan to sell any time soon — want to make sure their home’s exterior looks its best at all times.

While there are thousands of looks you can choose from to enhance your home’s curb appeal, the one look that works on all homes is white vinyl siding.

The Popularity of White Siding

White is a nearly universally popular color for homes. It’s neutral, crisp and clean; it’s hard to find fault with a home clad in this shade. In fact, a recent report lists white is tied with grey as the most popular color recommended for siding when selling a home.

Many realtors also recommend white exteriors to their clients because it works well with almost all accent colors.

White Vinyl Siding

White siding looks its best when the color is even and consistent without a lot of dirt or any peeling or chipping sections — which is why white vinyl siding is so attractive. It’s easy to clean using just a garden hose and a little bit of soap to rinse away dust and minor debris, and because the color goes right through the siding, it won’t peel or chip over time.

A home that is clad in white vinyl siding will keep its good looks for longer than a home that’s been painted white — and with less maintenance.

Vinyl comes in a few different styles, including the popular Dutch lap siding, which has a small reveal that casts a shadow on the course below. The shadow stands out beautifully on white siding, highlighting the color and the style of the siding even more, and making a great statement on the exterior of the home.

Ways to Use White Vinyl Siding

Like any exterior cladding, white vinyl siding can be used alone or combined with other materials, and it can be installed over nearly any style of home. This means that you can get a wide range of looks, styles and appearances.

If you’ve been wondering if installing white vinyl siding is the right choice for your home, take a look at these 4 design ideas, which should help convince you.

1. Classic Style

It’s hard to go wrong when using a classic palette of black, white and gray for your home’s exterior.

This classic Colonial home is designed with white vinyl siding with matching white trim. Two styles of black shutters are used to complement the differently shaped windows, while a gray shingle roof makes a nice bridge between the other two colors, softening the contrast.

A brick front porch and skirt help add a little bit of contrast and texture, while a natural wood front door brings a touch of welcoming warmth.

2. Mixed Material Accents

If you don’t like the idea of using one type of siding over the entire home, consider mixing materials like this property. This home features a brick front on the lower half beneath the porch overhang and a unique brown shake siding on the upper story accents. The rest of the exterior is clad in a white vinyl siding, installed in two different directions for accent and style.

And because the home uses just brown and white as the main colors, the final look still feels cohesive, despite the variety of materials chosen. The result is fresh, unique and gives the eye a lot to look at.

3. White House, Dark Roof

For homes with a large, dark roof such as the one above, white vinyl siding is a great way to ensure your house doesn’t feel too gloomy.

The white brightens up the entire bottom of the house, as well as providing a bright contrast to the windows against the roof. With white pillars and white porch fencing, the entire bottom half of the home feels cheerful even when covered in shade.

Add in beautiful greenery that stands out against the white and you have a home that feels fresh and welcoming, instead of dark and severe.

4. Crisp and Contemporary

White siding doesn’t just work well on traditional homes; it also makes a great addition to more contemporary properties as well. This type of design works well with light colors that can emphasize its clean lines and straight edges. The white vinyl siding in the home above is a great addition to its straight lines and flat roof.

The siding lets the shape of the home make the statement, simply adding a soft complement to the whole look. The white banisters, overhangs and stairs help to complete the look and give the entire property a very crisp and contemporary style.

Get Your Ideal Exterior With White Vinyl Siding

White siding has been growing in popularity for the last several years and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re planning on selling your home soon, or you just want a lower maintenance exterior with a timeless appeal, upgrading to white vinyl siding for your exterior can help give your home the clean look you’re after.

Invest in some new, white vinyl siding today and give your home a fresh new look. Click here to learn more about Rollex’s vinyl siding products. Or check out our gallery for more inspiration.