Most people love the look of a wood home but don’t want the maintenance that comes with it. But what if you could get the look without the hassle?

It really is possible. Thanks to today’s technology, you can get steel siding that looks like cedar siding, with the added bonus of gaining steel’s low-maintenance and durability.

The Problem With Cedar

Cedar is attractive and versatile, which is part of what makes it so popular and found on many homes.

Unfortunately, it also has several drawbacks that make it less than ideal for exterior applications. Cedar can absorb water and moisture, which means that it can swell and warp in periods of rain or high humidity, then shrink as the water dries from the siding.

This swelling and shrinking can lead to permanent warping of the boards, leading to cracks and gaps in the exterior and air or moisture entering the home.

At the same time, this movement can also cause the stain or paint to peel from the surface of the wood. Now the home will look run down and even more moisture can penetrate the boards, creating issues such as rot or mold.

Cedar is also not fire resistant unless it’s been specially treated. If it is treated, the coating may wear off over time and leave a home vulnerable to flames, especially homes in high-risk disaster areas.

All of this means that a home clad in cedar will require a lot of maintenance and frequent repairs. It will need to be scraped and repainted every few years, and rotting boards will need to be replaced. And even with the best maintenance, it still may not protect your home adequately.

A Better Alternative

Today, steel siding can be made to give you the appearance and attractiveness of cedar but with better durability and less maintenance. Steel does not swell, shrink or warp with moisture, so it’s not going to create cracks and gaps in your building envelope.

And steel siding’s paint is fade-resistant, lasting the life of the siding which can last 40 or more years. This helps your property look great with far less work on your part.

Steel does not rot or grow mold, and it’s also insect and flame resistant. It can be used in all climates without some of the problems that other cedar alternatives can have, such as cracking or warping in extreme temperatures.

Seneca Steel siding, steel siding from Rollex available in two variegated paint colors with an embossing pattern resembling a wood texture, has added benefits as well. Not only does the proprietary finish resist peeling and chipping the way that cedar does, but it also helps resist dirt and scratches. This means no hard scrubbing taking over your weekends and power washing only once or twice a year when needed.

Seneca Steel siding also has UV protection, so the color is fade-resistant, an issue that can sometimes be associated with other types of siding. Now you can choose a bold, rich color for your home without worrying about it getting chalky in the sun.

Seneca’s coating also contains solar reflective pigments, so your home is less likely to heat up in warm climates. This can help keep your energy bills down, so your home will be attractive, durable and energy efficient, all at once.

Steel siding is also highly durable, not cracking or splitting with impacts from hail or storm debris. You’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing your home is protected during storm season.

And best of all, steel siding is also environmentally friendly. Not only does it make your home more energy efficient, but it’s also recyclable. Steel can be recycled again and again, so there’s no need to worry about leftover material or what to do with the discarded product if you ever want to make a color change.

Get a Better Alternative to Cedar Siding

While cedar is attractive and versatile, it doesn’t offer the best durability or protection for your home when used as siding. Steel siding with the look of cedar provides better protection, energy efficiency and low-maintenance care, along with the good looks of traditional cedar lap siding.

Contact Rollex and make the switch to steel siding today for a beautiful, protected home.


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