If you want to protect your home’s exterior and make it more energy efficient, aluminum soffit is a great place to start. Soffit is low maintenance and highly durable, ensuring you’ll have more time with your family, instead of fixing damage to your roof and attic or powerwashing and painting aging wood.

Why Soffit is Important for Your Home

Aluminum soffit are the planks located under your roof's overhang that protects your attic from the elements and pests. Soffit performs the important function of providing ventilation and airflow to your attic.

The idea of completely closing off your attic to the elements might seem ideal, but doing so could create problems that can affect your home during the harshest seasons. Aluminum soffit doesn’t seal the attic space, but instead keeps out pests, rain and snow while promoting essential airflow.

Improving Energy Efficiency with Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum soffit combined with well-insulated attic walls and ridge ventilation helps lower energy bills.

Attic spaces should be well insulated but should also be combined with soffit ventilation to ensure hot air doesn't build up.

Attics and roof shingles can become very hot in the summer, which can heat up the rest of your home. The result is expensive air conditioning bills. Plus, proper ventilation is a warranty requirement for many shingle manufacturers. Without proper ventilation, shingles can get too hot causing them to age prematurely.

With vented soffit, you ensure air circulates in the attic, allowing hot air to escape and resulting in a cooler, more energy efficient home.

In winter, soffit is also vital for combating moisture buildup. Increased humidity and moisture conditions in colder months can cause major issues like mold, mildew, fungus and other forms of moisture-related problems.

Maintaining airflow will help prevent moisture from setting in and damaging your home's interior, as well as any personal items stored in your attic.

Durable aluminum soffit is also useful for homes in areas with heavy snowfall that can cause ice dams. Ice dams form when warm attic temperatures cause melting snowfall to run down the roof and then refreeze at the edge where the temperature is much lower. Ice dams can damage your gutters and roof, and even cause water leaks within your home. Vented soffit helps prevent both of these problems from occurring.

Installing Aluminum Soffit on Your Home

In addition to increasing the energy efficiency of your home, there are other advantages to aluminum soffit as well. Home contractors often recommend aluminum soffit for its durability, low maintenance and peace of mind.

Aluminum is highly durable and resistant to pest or insect damage. Aluminum soffit is ideal for all homes, even those with tight spaces around attics, sharp-angled gables and roofs with significant rake changes. Plus, the look of aluminum soffit complements all types of home exteriors, including stucco, brick, wood and vinyl.

Homeowners won't need to worry about high-maintenance care with aluminum soffit compared to wood soffit. Properly installed aluminum soffit will provide protection and increased energy efficiency for 15 to 20+ years with no need to paint like wood soffit.

When it comes to saving on energy bills, ensuring your roof lasts as long as possible and providing peace of mind against moisture damage, choosing aluminum soffit is a no-brainer. With a product like Rollex Aluminum Soffit installed by a reputable professional, you'll ensure your home is properly protected, while keeping your heating and cooling bills to a minimum.