As 2017 draws to a close, we’ve put together a list of our favorite exterior remodeling projects from the past 12 months. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your entire exterior, or want to incorporate more sustainable solutions in your home’s design, we found a few projects that are sure to inspire.

The Colonial Fixer Upper

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a couple of added roof dormers will do for your curb appeal. This home was featured in the widely popular HGTV show Fixer Upper, and it’s easy to see why this charismatic couple from Waco, Texas is in such high demand.

Old shutters were removed in favor of a high-contrast effect with bright white trim against a darker grey siding. This effect allows features like the natural wood entry door and the aforementioned dormers to really pop, resulting in a harmonious front facade that looks brand new.

In addition to the home itself, the front yard landscape has been streamlined and cleaned up to highlight the structure—a major upgrade from the disheveled landscape before.

Sustainable Remodeling with Steel

We love how the designers of this Venice home remodel took sustainability into consideration throughout every detail in this project.

The design incorporates naturally energy-efficient materials like steel and massive glass windows to keep the home running sustainably. 

Even in the warmer California climate, the home stays cool, despite having no air-conditioning. Photovoltaic roof panels use solar energy to power the home, and water-efficient irrigation systems ensure responsible water usage. 

Modest Brick and Mortar

This old brick home was in desperate need of some exterior love. It’s beautiful brick facade had become a drab, crumbling version of a once charming country home.

Luckily, this remodel made quick work of cleaning that brick up and restoring it to its original brilliance. Along with new windows, an updated roof, and a bold, blue entry door, this brick and mortar stunner can shine once again.

The builder also took the care to build out the front yard with a wrought iron gate, new plants, flowers and trees, and an inviting brick pathway. The remodeling turned this modest old brick house into the talk of the neighborhood. 

The House of Three Gables

We obviously love our steel siding, and few projects use it to such success as this complete exterior overhaul.

This English home’s original exterior, while compositionally interesting and unique, left a bit to be desired when it came to aesthetics.

The star of this exterior remodel is two-fold. First, the three gables have been reshaped and even extended in places to add interior space and make for a more even, more emphatic presentation.

The majority of the old wood siding has been replaced by the sleeker, more contemporary seam steel siding resulting in a updated, inviting exterior finish. 

Crumbling Country Cabin

This little country cabin was old, leaky, and falling apart at nearly every seam. Luckily, the renovation managed to give the property a massive structural and visual make-over without sacrificing the charm and quaintness of the original home. 

The most prominent feature for the cabin’s exterior is a front portico that extends the length of the street-facing facade. It now features a sturdy raised deck and an elegant white colonnade that perfectly frames a pair of entry doors and a centered window that peers into the main living space.  

Whether it’s something simple like repainting your window and door trim, or something complex like an addition or complete siding replacement, these 2017 remodels provide plenty of inspiration to apply to next year’s home improvement project.