The country home design aesthetic is extremely popular right now. Whether used in the home’s interior or exterior, country style showcases natural materials (like wood or stone) and subdued or earthy colors. This aesthetic prioritizes craftsmanship and classic details and is the opposite of contemporary and modern design.

Achieving this look isn’t always easy. It requires attention to detail and an understanding of how to use certain elements of the home to your advantage. One such element is the home’s siding.

A house’s siding choice can make or break a home’s overall aesthetic. There are several siding options to consider for a country home design. However, there is one siding type that stands out, and it’s rustic metal house siding.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why rustic metal siding is the perfect choice for your home. Plus, we’ll share some design inspiration and examples of rustic metal house siding in action.

Why Rustic Metal Siding is the Perfect Choice to Nail the Country Aesthetic

Rustic metal house siding is versatile, durable and cost-effective. It’s a low-maintenance option that’s beautiful and built to last. Additionally, unlike wood siding, metal house siding doesn’t rot, warp or crack. It also isn’t susceptible to pests or fire damage.

Overall, rustic metal house siding is the perfect option for people who want a durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective option that looks beautiful with any home design.

6 Stunning Ways to Use Rustic Metal House Siding

Rustic metal house siding is truly versatile. With the right eye, it can work with any home aesthetic. The following seven examples show just how adaptable and beautiful rustic metal siding can be on homes:

1. Horizontal Metal House Siding to Bring in the Country Charm

The craftsman-style architecture and natural finishing touches help give this home an unmistakable classic charm. The black window casings contrast beautifully against the dark gray lap metal siding and creamy-colored fascia. This house is the perfect example of how bold choices can significantly impact a classic home exterior.

2. Creamy White Metal House Siding for a Whimsical Farmhouse

This is often the type of house that comes to mind when people imagine a country aesthetic. There’s nothing more rural than a dreamy farmhouse with a wraparound porch. However, these homes are often built with wooden siding, which requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. This home is an example of how you can achieve this same back country look with metal house siding.

3. Horizontal Metal Siding in a Hue

This house immediately conjures up images of the seventies with its architectural style. The hue of the metal siding and the wooden second-story balcony help maintain this home’s inherent homespun charm.

4. Colorful Metal House Siding to Brighten a Country Cabin

Nestled in the wood and away from the hubbub, cabins immediately fit into the country aesthetic. This home uses natural stone, wood fascia and trim and colorful metal siding to elevate the overall design. It’s the perfect example of how you can incorporate bolder color choices and still meet the country aesthetic.

5. Add a Touch of Wood-Look Metal House Siding

This home has several different types of siding, adding texture and intrigue to the design. However, the top rustic metal siding is what really helps this home feel provincial and inviting. The wood-look metal siding conveys a feeling of coziness and classic beauty that is otherwise missing. While contrasting beautifully with the natural stone and brick, it also helps to enhance the wood columns.

6. Mimic the Log Cabin Look with Wood-Look Metal House Siding

Log cabins are about as pastoral as you can get! However, many people avoid the log cabin aesthetic because of the downsides of wood siding. Wood is susceptible to moisture damage and pests and requires a lot of ongoing upkeep. However, you can achieve this same log cabin aesthetic with a wood look or brown rustic metal siding, which helps you get the log cabin look — without all the hassle!

Get Started with Metal House Siding from Rollex Today

Metal house siding is a terrific choice for homes with a rural aesthetic. However, all manufacturers are not created equally. Therefore, you need to make sure to choose a company you can trust.

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