It may be difficult to note the distinctions between steel siding and engineered hardwood siding at first glance, but these two materials have significant differences that play a role in determining which is a better overall investment. Steel siding outperforms engineered hardwood in many areas, consistently proving to be the better choice for exterior siding.

This article takes a closer look at these two materials with the goal of highlighting exactly how steel has an edge over engineered hardwood siding.

Steel Siding vs. Engineered Hardwood Siding

Both of these materials are superior to some of the more basic, traditional siding materials on the market, like untreated wood. However, it’s still worth comparing steel siding and engineered hardwood siding to make sure you’re getting the best protection and performance your home deserves. When you compare these two high performance products up close, it’s clear that steel is the best choice.

Take a look at this comparison of steel siding and engineered hardwood siding according to specific categories to see just how big the difference is.


Material composition can tell you a lot about how a product will perform and what may be considered vulnerabilities. As the name suggests, engineered hardwood is not just raw timber — it consists of several individual strands of wood pressed and bonded together with a heavy-duty resin. The sealing resin enhances the durability of the engineered hardwood and makes it stronger than natural, untreated timber.

However, no matter how strong that resin is, engineered hardwood siding is still made up of wood at its core. This means most of the vulnerabilities of wood — like water damage, chipping and flammability — cannot be eliminated altogether.

Steel siding, on the other hand, is crafted from one of the strongest building materials available. Because of its metallic composition, steel simply isn’t susceptible to the same risks as engineered wood. In addition, high-quality steel siding products, like ours from Rollex, are further enhanced with additional reinforcements. A corrosion-resistant reverse coat and other protective coatings add to the steel core to strengthen it even more.

Aesthetic Qualities

The aesthetic qualities of these two siding materials are quite similar. Engineered hardwood siding and steel siding are both produced in a wide range of colors, and they also feature a natural-looking wood grain pattern for a more authentic, wood appearance . With that said, some suggest the appearance of cedar-style steel siding is more authentic than engineered wood.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture resistance remains a primary concern for homeowners when comparing steel siding and engineered hardwood siding. Engineered hardwood siding is stronger than untreated wood, but is still susceptible to water damage due to its wood-based composition. Wood tends to absorb moisture, which can lead to rotting, sagging and weakened siding panels.

Whether you’re dealing with seasonal rainfall, summertime humidity or winter snowfalls, moisture is a year-round threat to think about. Our steel siding features a metallic, steel core, so it is entirely moisture resistant and will provide a better level of protection than engineered hardwood.

Fire Rating and Flammability

The compositional differences of steel siding and engineered hardwood siding yield another huge distinction when it comes to fire safety. No matter how much it has been treated, engineered hardwood remains flammable, whereas steel siding is fire resistant. Our steel siding can slow the spread of fire compared to wood siding. That extra time can make all the difference when it comes to threats to life and property.


The longevity of these two siding products holds another key in determining which is a better investment. Engineered hardwood siding typically lasts 20-30 years, but steel siding is expected to last 50 years — a huge difference when calculating the value of home improvement projects.

Rollex Steel Siding Is the Better Choice

There’s no question — both steel and engineered hardwood provide better durability than most traditional siding products. However, when you take a closer look at the specs, steel siding is the clear-cut winner with more durability, protection and long-lasting performance compared to engineered hardwood.

We are a trusted source in the business. We have a wide range of steel siding products in gorgeous colors like Pacific Blue, Norwegian Wood and Cypress, so homeowners have an excellent range to choose from when creating the home of their dreams. Every steel siding panel features an attractive, embossed wood grain pattern to enhance the appearance. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty that provides an extra level of confidence for consumers.

Contact our Rollex experts today to explore the high-performance steel siding products that can level up your next remodeling project.