Protecting your home from natural disasters and other devastating events is important to every homeowner. Not only is your home of great personal value, being a sanctuary for you and your family, but a house is one of your biggest investments.

One of the most emotionally and financially devastating emergencies that can happen to a home is a fire; whether an accidental blaze from a too-close barbeque grill or an out of control wildfire spreading through your community.

There are a few ways a homeowner can enhance their property’s appearance while also protecting their home. One of the best ways to boost your home's defense against fire is to install fire-resistant siding.

Homeowners nationwide are turning towards steel siding as a superior material to clad their homes and provide maximum protection against fire.

The Fire-Resistant Design of Steel Siding

Steel is one of the most durable materials used in construction today, making it an ideal choice as siding for new homes or remodels.

Steel is largely free of many of the typical disadvantages of home siding. It requires virtually no maintenance, has an impressively long lifespan, and is highly damage resistant. Even more importantly, steel siding is nearly impervious to dangerous weather conditions and disastrous events, including fires.

Steel siding is also highly resilient against high-heat exposure. Even if you accidentally placed your grill too close to your home or an errant spark lands on the siding, steel isn’t going to burn or melt.

Choosing the Safest Siding Material

Steel siding is touted for its durability and low-maintenance, and many will agree that steel siding is in a completely different category than wood or vinyl when it comes to fire resistance. Though most properly maintained siding offers some protection, it doesn't always compare to steel.

A material like raw wood is highly combustible and can easily spread flames throughout a structure. Untreated or aged wood is particularly prone to doing this: when neglected and exposed to the elements, it can combust easily.

Additionally, surface treatments can increase the risk of fire and work as an accelerant. Paints, stains and sealants can turn an otherwise controllable fire into something much worse if not handled immediately.

Flammable materials like wood are often made resistant to a fire by the use of flame retardants. However, there can be concern over the chemical properties and potential off-gassing of these products.

Steel siding not only offers protection against a fire, it is also naturally resistant and does not require the use of fire-resistant treatments.

Rollex Navigator steel siding, for example, has a Class A fire rating: the highest rating possible for fire-resistance. A Class A rating means it is going to offer the maximum protection possible against fire and will not spread flames.

A Durable, Secure Home

Not only will steel siding offer superior protection against high-heat and flames, potentially saving your home, but this material has additional benefits. Steel siding offers incredible protection against high winds, heavy rains, and hail compared to other materials.

All in all, Rollex steel siding is going to keep your home looking beautiful and well-kept for many years to come while also giving you the peace of mind that your home is protected.