When selecting vinyl siding for your modern farmhouse, the main considerations are aesthetics and durability. The former can be readily found from many manufacturers, but will the product be durable and hold up over time?

After all, a home is an investment. As important as aesthetics are, if your material doesn’t last very long or isn’t performing its designated function, the necessary fix will come at a further expense of time and money. Part of a home’s great aesthetic is its foundation of durability, especially when it concerns the exterior of a home.

The Horizon Vinyl Siding line at Rollex Corporation is a line of vinyl siding that preserves durability and function while maximizing aesthetics. Let’s take a look at why this siding is the best option for modern homeowners looking to utilize vinyl siding for their farmhouse look.

Durability Ultimately Matters Most

Aesthetics play an incredibly important role in modern housing. If one wants to achieve a farmhouse look, that is a specific aesthetic choice. That said, housing is shelter, and any great shelter needs to provide safety before it can impress aesthetically. Only after a home is secure should it be made to look great.

The mission of our Horizon line is to provide both in one product.

The Durability Performance of Rollex Horizon Vinyl Siding

Too often, vinyl siding is thought to be a “cheap” option — perhaps because most are only familiar with vinyl from old, worn flooring. However, vinyl can be a protective and high-quality siding option if it has the right characteristics.

When it comes to durability, raw materials can make a big impact on vinyl’s strength. In addition, vinyl comes in various thicknesses, which also plays a big role in the siding’s toughness.

Taking these factors into account, modern engineered vinyl proves to be a great material, perfectly suited to protect the exterior of homes. Rollex Horizon Vinyl siding provides quality characteristics in regards to durability and performance:

  • Safe-lock reinforced nail-hem to withstand gale-force winds
  • The advanced perma-lock system ensures panels remain firmly in place
  • Meets or exceeds standards for ASTM D3679, the specification for rigid PVC siding
  • Meets VSI standards after its rigorous third-party testing and inspections
  • NGBS green approved product

Architects, contractors and builders rely on Rollex Horizon vinyl siding to provide exactly what siding should be — high-quality material that provides long-term protection against weather and natural wear and tear that impacts the exterior over time.

In addition to exemplary material, vinyl siding for a modern farmhouse look needs to be able to come together during application in a consistent, quick manner. When it comes to siding installation, it usually requires 10-14 days, depending on the home’s size and location. If the siding needs to be painted, the process takes longer.

Compared to other materials, vinyl siding is easier for contractors to install and doesn’t need to be painted, which speeds up installation times and allows contractors to deliver a beautiful home to their customer at a more efficient pace.

With Rollex’s Horizon vinyl siding, the panels offer efficient construction while their interlocking nature provides the level of durability necessary to feel confident about a siding material choice for the long term. Differing thicknesses allow homeowners options as it pertains to the type of siding needed for their climate and seasonality.

Icing the Cake with Aesthetic Excellence

Now that durability is accomplished, the question is — will it look good? There are many affordable siding options out there that can protect a modern home, but they often-times lack aesthetic appeal.

With Rollex Horizon vinyl siding, homeowners don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength. Rollex takes its durable, high-performance vinyl and offers tremendous aesthetics for any homeowner seeking that classic farmhouse look.

The Aesthetic Options of Rollex Horizon Vinyl Siding

Rollex Horizon vinyl siding comes in a deep cedar embossed wood grain texture with a contemporary low-luster finish to blend naturally to the architectural style of home. The combination suits the look of a modern farmhouse perfectly, giving that subtle wooden texture associated with farmhouses in a variety of colors to fit any color scheme.

While many vinyl sidings may offer a variety of colors, Horizon is manufactured using a unique coloring process that fully penetrates the panel, eliminating worry about scratches or fading.

Homeowners don’t need to be concerned with future paint jobs as Horizon vinyl siding offers virtually maintenance-free care. Additionally, the vinyl panels are engineered to resist natural wear and tear and weather-related damage, further protecting the aesthetic exterior of your modern farmhouse.

Choose Rollex Horizon Vinyl Siding for a Timeless Farmhouse Style

When it comes to choosing the best farmhouse vinyl siding for your next remodeling project, look to the Horizon vinyl siding line from Rollex to achieve maximum durability and aesthetics. Contact our team today to discover new vinyl siding ideas for farmhouse renovation projects and make your dream home exterior become a reality!