Whether your family is growing, downsizing or you need to remodel, finding the right floor plan for your home will ultimately determine how well it performs.

And functionality is key. Today, we want to showcase a floor plan we love to give homeowners ideas for their own home design.

This three-bedroom floor plan includes open, flexible space in the communal areas of the home. The kitchen, living and dining rooms give families ample opportunity to gather and connect.

The study or media room provides homeowners an option if, say, anyone in the family telecommutes or needs space for electronic devices.

Here are a few design trends and strategies homeowners can use to really utilize the full potential of this functional floor plan.

Embrace Any Surrounding Views

The best kind floor plan is one that ensures your family actually uses the home. And that means that they enjoy the space, as well!

In our open and functional floor plan, a modern glass sliding door adds this kind of appeal to the design. Since the living and dining rooms are part of the home’s communal areas, the natural light, impressive views and access to the outdoor area make this an ideal home plan for entertaining.

Daylighting throughout the home adds significant impact to the design: Natural light helps to save on energy costs, but it’s also beneficial for your family’s well-being and health. And if you’re in a scenic part of the country, installing more glass gives your family and visitors more views of the outdoors.

Plus, quality windows today can be double- or triple-glazed, meaning they are rated for energy efficiency. This is especially helpful for colder climates, as it means your heat stays in the house and the winter cold stays out of it, without sacrificing natural light or your view.

An Inviting Kitchen for the Whole Family

For this open floor plan, the kitchen needed a classic (but updated) feel. Using clean lines, a fresh, neutral palette, and upgraded amenities make this kitchen extra appealing.

The entire layout here makes it conducive to entertaining guests or relaxing on the weekends. Because the kitchen space flows into the open living and dining room areas, there’s more reason for friends to stay awhile, even after dinner is over.

Flexible for Work, Play and Everything In Between

More employers have embraced a culture of flexible work, which includes a work-from-home option for their employees. This has led to a demand for more dedicated workspaces in home design (that aren’t just in front of the TV or at the kitchen table).

This home’s floor plan includes a study that functions as a space for getting-things-done. The storage and flexible design allow for the room to adapt to whichever household member needs to use the space, whether it’s for homework, creative projects or last-minute-office tasks.

Exterior Materials That Enhance Your Design

The success of your floor plan really boils down to one thing: Your family might love the floor plan NOW, but are they going to use the space for the long-term?

Sustainability is a hot topic, and it’s here to stay. That’s because sustainable, eco-conscious design isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also good for your family’s well-being. Choosing materials and systems that support this kind of design will help to ensure that your home lasts longer and you’ll stay happy in it for the long haul.

Our featured home enhanced the exterior with sustainable steel siding. When you choose steel siding from a brand like Rollex, you know the product will stand up to harsh climates and requires less maintenance than traditional siding. Rollex also recycles hundreds of thousands of pounds of aluminum and steel scrap each year, to reduce the impact on the environment.

Bring in More Dynamic Design

A functional floor plan doesn’t have to be a boring floor plan. Bring texture and organic elements into your design to create a more dynamic style.

Using natural interior design accents enhances the layout of our featured home. Homeowners can copy the look by including organic features like wood furniture and plenty of greenery.

A Floor Plan to Elevate Any Style

We love how accommodating this floor plan is for any home design. Because it’s such a flexible layout, you could add impact and height to a great room or entryway by using exposed beams. Homeowners could also install steel siding on the exterior to give their home a sleek finish or to create contrast with an existing exterior material like stone or brick.

Whether you’re growing your family or need a layout that helps your home perform better, the functional three-bedroom floor plan delivers. It’s one of our favorite floor plans because it accommodates a number of different styles, and is accessible to a wide number of needs.

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