Soffit and fascia colors are key to creating visual interest and uniformity throughout a home’s exterior. Whether you’re trying to bring contrasting color to the surface or achieve a smooth, consistent look that appears seamless with the siding, finding the right soffit and fascia colors is an important task to finalize the exterior of your unique vision.

While wood and vinyl soffit offer an abundant array of color offerings, aluminum soffit offers builders and homeowners aesthetic imagination while also being a more resilient material. Additionally, wood must always be painted, but aluminum soffit comes painted and ready to make a house look great for decades.

Explore Our Full Spectrum of Aluminum Soffit Colors by Rollex

The evolution of engineered materials for home exteriors has led to an explosion in artistic capabilities for designers. In the past, builders had to rely on a scant color palette, but the modern age has honed the materials of old and allowed for pre-engineered coloring that lasts. The level of control available allows builders to truly use every part of a home’s exterior material to create a complete aesthetic.

Above is a sample of our aluminum soffit color swatches. While soffit historically came in white or off-white, now an array of colors can be used to create extraordinary home exteriors.

Let’s take a closer look at what different color pallets and combinations can bring to a home’s design.

Trusty Black and White

Black and white is an aesthetic that ebbs and flows in popularity but certainly never disappoints. In this example, a heavy black tone has been applied to the shingling, garage doors, dormers, front door, window trim and even the gutters.

Utilizing a different color for the soffit would have thrown this home’s style off in a subtle but non-insignificant way. The black aluminum soffit, although just a small aspect of the exterior, truly brings the whole look together, creating fullness and tieing the black of the roof to the white of the brick.

Shades of Brown and Green to Capture Nature’s Beauty

In this example, the earth tones project a natural and cozy aesthetic, especially paired with bright and colorful landscaping. While modernism and contemporary aesthetics can certainly create special looks, the truth is colors that invoke the outdoors are highly valued. Shades of greens and browns are subtle nods to trees and the outdoors, signaling peace and comfort.

The builder here focused on an array of browns, with the heaviest located at the juncture of the roof and walls. This juncture is a small but important aesthetic seam, and the use of dark brown for both the fascia and soffit bridges the roof and walls, offering a look far richer than if the soffit were the typical beige. This builder understands the understated power of modern aluminum soffit colors.

The Underrated Power of Gray

Gray is not often thought of as a go-to color when trying to create a unique look. Most often, gray is associated with outdated designs or gloomy skies on cold winter days. While these things are true, designers in recent years have realized that utilizing shades of grays along with other colors can actually create powerful looks.

With this home, the designers decided to mix earthy tones with the brick with grays and grayish blues on some aspects of the siding and the roof. The subtle light shades of gray in the brick used in the arched entrance, the detailing above the garage doors and the staggered faux pillars near the foundation pop against the symmetric, classic reddish-brown brick used to form most of the exterior.

Once again, the juncture of the walls and roof solidifies the grays and brick by utilizing a heavier gray for the fascia and soffit. Rollex’s Mocha is a wonderful color that captures both the smokiness of traditional gray and the deep, dark blues associated with the beauty of the ocean.

Ravishing Red

Perhaps the loudest and most colorful color is red. Whether found in nature or human civilization, red is always shouting and not necessarily in a bad way! Its power often exudes personality, as in this example where the home stands tall, proudly covered with a bright red siding.

This design blends the boldness of red with a quaint, modern aesthetic. With this home, the powerful shade of red is tamed by the crisp white fascia and soffit. While some red homes can appear more serious, this lighthearted design welcomes anyone inside and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Beyond Color, Aluminum Soffit Also Brings Performance and Aesthetic Value

Soffit is not just an aesthetic exterior feature. Soffit has a very important job to do in order for the home to function properly. Vented soffit helps deliver sufficient ventilation, which is extremely important for a home’s heating and cooling system. Having proper airflow is also important for the attic space to stay dry and reduce the risk of moisture buildup and mold.

Soffit should never be skipped or ignored, and damage should always be addressed as soon as possible. Decrepit soffit begins to take away aesthetic value and can create energy inefficiencies.

Aluminum Soffit is Preferred in Many Ways

There are a few types of soffit that homeowners can choose from, depending on needs and budget. Wood, vinyl and aluminum are the most popular types of soffit on the market. Of these three materials, aluminum soffit is the best choice for homeowners looking for long-term durability and value.

While wood soffit normally isn’t offered in many pre-painted colors, it can later be painted to match the home’s design. Because the color can change over time, homeowners may likely spend extra time and money trying to maintain its original look and quality.

With a myriad of color options, aluminum easily competes aesthetically with painted wood and vinyl soffit. The huge bonus with choosing aluminum for soffit is it doesn’t need to be repainted again and again — aluminum soffit is intentionally designed to hold color consistency so it maintains its beauty year after year.

Explore the Full Spectrum of Rollex Aluminum Soffit Colors

For a vast color selection that is sure to provide the precise tone you’re looking for, check out Rollex — we are the leading provider of aluminum soffit with decades of experience developing different home exterior colors.

We are a great resource when building a new home or remodeling an existing property. With a wide range of materials, we can help homeowners find the perfect product for their home.

When it comes to the selection, our aluminum soffit colors don’t disappoint! Instead of offering one or two shades of beige, we have several distinct tones to consider. Multiple shades of brown and black aluminum soffit colors are also available to obtain the perfect natural look.

Plus, we include a few bolder colors, like forest green, to keep the options open for builders who are designing unique exterior styles. Explore our aluminum soffit today and find the perfect match for your next design project.