Steel siding was first introduced and patented back in 1903, making it one of the oldest alternatives to wood siding on the market. For materials like steel that have been on the market for so long, it’s common for them to undergo a lot of changes over the years as new innovations and techniques are created.

Misconceptions Related to Problems with Steel Siding

Unfortunately, people still believe problems common with steel over 100 years ago are still an issue today. Steel siding has come a long way since its introduction, and the steel used to clad homes today is similar to those older materials in name only.

For instance, there’s no longer a problem with rust thanks to the way steel is treated with zinc prior to being manufactured today. This process also helps with fading and the lack of texture once found in steel produced decades ago.

If you’ve been considering steel as a durable, low-maintenance alternative to wood, you should know that steel siding is one of the best materials you can put on your home.

“Steel Siding Isn’t as Durable as Other Materials.”

There are many misconceptions surrounding the durability of steel siding. Some people confuse steel with aluminum, while others remember the older types of steel siding that had problems with denting, corrosion and scratches on the surface.

Today’s steel siding is incredibly durable, resisting dents, fire and insect activity. And thanks to the finish and the way the metal is treated, steel also protects against moisture and scratches. This last means you won’t have to worry about corrosion, rusting or discoloration of your siding either.

With steel siding from Rollex, you get long-lasting cladding that is both durable and low maintenance, with a lifespan of up to 50 years.

“Steel Siding Fades.”

The idea that steel siding is prone to fading is no longer true. Today’s steel doesn’t cause its paint color to crack, chip or peel the way that wood siding does. This is because the planks are incredibly stable, meaning they don’t shrink and expand to the same degree as wood, and the paint coating is flexible enough to withstand any slight movement in the metal.

It’s true that older metal siding made of steel and aluminum was susceptible to fading because of the way it was finished. The only remedy was to paint the siding, which meant that it wasn’t as low maintenance as people wanted for their homes.

Today’s steel siding, from reputable companies such as Rollex, no longer fades the way it once did thanks to the finish coating put on the steel during manufacturing. New technologies use special resins and pigments with an oven-fused system, making steel siding’s finish fade-resistant.

Your new steel siding will keep its good looks for years without chipping or peeling, ensuring you won’t need to paint your home every few years to maintain its color as with wood siding.

“Steel Siding Doesn’t Have a Beautiful Texture or Character.”

When steel siding was first introduced, it came in two forms: sheet material and steel clapboards. And while old steel could be made into planks like traditional wood lap siding, it was produced in a rolled, flat finish. So, while it installed in laps, it still had that flat, smooth finish that revealed what the material really was. For anyone that wanted to get the look of wood, but without any of the issues, older steel siding wasn’t quite up to the job.

Today’s steel siding, however, changes that. Steel siding produced today not only comes in a range of fade-resistant colors, but it also comes in different appearances as well.

Steel siding can resemble the look of real wood grain, so you get a natural-looking wood grain finish, without any of the issues of real wood such as warping, splintering, rotting or insect activity. And steel siding can even be installed in different configurations so you can get either the look of traditional lap siding or the look of board-and-batten siding, depending on your preference.

Steel can even extend to the trim and finished areas of your home’s exterior as well, giving you the same protection and beautiful appearance all over.

Best of all, steel siding from Rollex is made to “float” over the exterior of your home to help hide some of the potential imperfections of your house’s exterior. The result gives you an even, long-lasting finish that enhances your home’s appearance and disguises its flaws at the same time.

Get Better Exterior Cladding With Steel

Steel siding has come a long way since its introduction more than 100 years ago. Today's steel siding is attractive, durable, low maintenance and fade, fire, moisture and insect resistant.

If you are interested in using steel siding on your home, Rollex can help. Click here to reach out to us today for more information on our steel siding products.


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