Vinyl siding has been a long-standing solution for builders and DIYers looking for a budget-friendly product for their exterior design.

Builders and DIYers still want vinyl siding today, but need options that go beyond cost-efficiency. They also want a siding that’s dependable: Siding that’s both weather-resistant and recognized for its quality by industry professionals.

Rollex is recognized for its quality steel siding and has been offering this exterior product for decades now. We are now expanding our offerings and launching our newest line of vinyl siding as a premium solution for exterior design: Horizon.

Customer demand for affordable, durable vinyl siding inspired us to come up with this solution, and there are a few benefits that come with using Horizon in a home’s design.

Not Just Dependable, But Secure

Homeowners want siding that complements their exterior design and personal style. The siding they choose also needs to stay in place securely, even through windstorms or severe weather conditions.

Our Horizon product line is manufactured with an Advanced Perma-Lock System. This product feature ensures the siding panels stay firmly in place, and the enhanced thickness means they’ll remain straight long after installation.

And even gale-force winds are no match for Horizon siding panels, which feature a Safe-Lock Reinforced nail-hem to help secure the siding during storms.

Plus, our tri-extrusion technology assures consistent high-quality siding with unmatched beauty and durability.

Super Low Maintenance

Homeowners don’t just want an appealing exterior design, they also want a siding product that’s as maintenance-free as possible. Our Horizon line offers busy homeowners a siding that will never need a coat of paint and stands up to the wear and tear that happens over time.

Homeowners will be able to wash off the siding easily with water and soap when the time comes for exterior maintenance of their home. But Horizon siding also stands up to scratches and fading, so homeowners can live in their home without worrying about the condition of their siding or having to replace panels.

A Solid Reputation

Builders want products that they can depend on, and often look to other professionals to determine which products are best.

The Horizon vinyl siding is a new line of products from a company already recognized for its quality by architects and contractors, so professionals can be sure that the Horizon line will ensure their project is compliant with (and even exceed some) local building codes, just like Rollex’s other products.

The Horizon product line meets or exceeds industry standards for vinyl siding installation, and because it’s installed like other vinyl products, there’s no learning curve for builders working with the panels.

Professionals that work with our products can trust that this product, too, gets the job done, and will ensure their project is completed on time and on budget.

Green, Energy-Efficient Siding

The Horizon line is officially an NGBS Green Approved Product, so homeowners and builders can feel good that their home will meet or exceed industry standards for sustainable and environmentally-conscious building.

The NGBS certification provides third-party verification that the product helps the home perform in six key areas: Site Design, Resource Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Operation & Maintenance.

Our vinyl siding helps homeowners save on energy used in the home, but also offers protection and insulation, especially when it’s installed with our other exterior products. (You can check out our aluminum soffit products here.)

A Style to Suit Any Home Design

Homeowners also want a vinyl siding that will make their home shine, and the Horizon line offers a sleek, contemporary solution with a friendly price tag. When homeowners and builders need a versatile product for their exterior, Horizon offers a variety of color options for any home design.

The Horizon line doesn’t skimp on style, and with a cedar-embossed woodgrain look, the panels give a home’s exterior a dynamic and textured style.

Easy Installation

Not only is the Horizon line beautiful, durable and available in a wide range of colors; it’s also easy to install.

Thanks to our advanced perma-lock system, the Horizon panels can be hung by just one person, because the panels are stiff enough to be held and locked into place without bending or bowing. This is great news for builders: It’ll save you time and man-power during the current labor shortage. So not only do you need less workers to install, you’ll also save on installation costs.

Versatile Vinyl Solutions for the Future

Horizon siding is a great solution for remodels or new home construction, and also gives homeowners a product that’s sustainable and worry-free.

Rollex has offered high-quality solutions for exterior design for decades now, and we are proud to include Horizon products for homeowners that want the benefits of premium vinyl siding.

If you want more information on the benefits of Horizon vinyl siding, learn more here. Looking for design inspiration for your exterior remodel or new build? Check out our project gallery.