Exterior home design is going through a kind of evolution right now.

Classic styles are making a comeback: The traditional farmhouse design has been wildly popular in the last few years, and we’re also noticing a resurgence in earthier color palettes. Rust-inspired shades and rich brown hues can make any exterior look amazing, not outdated, especially if you work with the right materials.

Here are a few home color trends you might just want to copy on your own exterior!

A Nod to Natural Surroundings

One of the best ways to elevate a home’s design is through its color palette. By using a contrast of deep, rich colors with bright white trim, the home featured above achieves a finished and inviting exterior design.

We can’t help but notice how well the home’s color palette works with the greenery of its surroundings. Homeowners can take cues from the foliage and scenery around their homes to determine their own color scheme, especially if they live in a remote area with abundant beauty.

More homeowners have been moving to rural areas in the last several years, according to the U.S. Census. “If owning a home is the American dream, rural Americans are more likely to achieve it,” writes Christopher Mazur for the Census.

Rollex Horizon siding offers homeowners plenty of color options but also ensures optimal protection during severe weather. All Rollex products are tested to national code standards for weather protection (and often exceed those requirements), so homeowners can feel safe about the siding they choose, no matter where you live.

An Updated Take on Classic Charm

The farmhouse-style home is still popular today, and homeowners can elevate this classic design by choosing colors to help their own style stand out.

Using a bolder red to offset the bright white siding featured here enhances the exterior with additional curb appeal, and the dark rustic wood trim ties the entire farmhouse look together. When homeowners work with a manufacturer like Rollex, they’ll be able to find any combination of color options for their own exterior design. From earth tones to classic neutral shades, there are solutions for any color palette your home exterior design needs.

The details matter, so when you’re choosing trim colors or front door handles, know which trends are on their way out. According to Family Handyman, brass details are a thing of the past: “This metal can certainly bring a shiny appeal to your home, but resist the overkill as it is a fad from the ’90s. Instead, shoot for oil-rubbed bronze fixtures on your front door and porch,” write Elizabeth Flaherty and Nick Gerhardt. “An inviting front door will improve your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re ready to sell or planning to stay.”

Stand Out From the Rest With Richer Color

For homes in the suburbs, it’s harder to help designs stand out without looking garish. By using more saturated hues of brown and red, though, your home’s look has more potential to make an impact.

This homeowner created serious exterior style by selecting a contrasting, crisp white for trim and other details, making the lines of this home look smoother and more finished. For exterior protection materials like rainware and soffit, Rollex offers homeowners and builders outstanding solutions in a wide selection of colors that work with your home’s unique palette.

Go Big This Year With Bold Color

The new year will be full of surprises and new trends, and we’re excited to see how homeowners use color in their future designs. Reliable shades like red and brown are often featured on older, classic homes. However, today’s savvy homeowner can use those same traditional colors to give their home a touch of modern appeal.

By working with quality materials, homeowners don’t have to worry about constant maintenance to keep their homes looking beautiful. The vinyl and steel siding options from Rollex only require a rinse with water to keep it looking new, and you’ll never need to repaint the products you select.

However you choose to design your exterior, Rollex gives homeowners and professionals plenty of options for high-performance protection and style. Want more ideas to elevate your home’s design with color? Check out these other inspirational palettes for your exterior here.