Today’s siding market offers many different types of vinyl siding for homes. Consumers can also expect to find a broad range of color options for almost all types of vinyl siding.

Horizontal vinyl siding is perhaps the most recognizable residential style, but homeowners have a plethora of variations to consider, including popular types of vertical vinyl siding, shake and more.

Not sure what type of vinyl siding is best for your home? Take a look at some of the most popular vinyl siding styles, and get inspired with exterior designs that will make your house feel more like home.

Board and Batten

One of the most popular types of vertical vinyl siding styles, board and batten is consistently popular from coast to coast. Wide planks are accentuated by thin vertical battens, creating significant visual texture and a linear look that elongates the overall impression of the exterior.

Traditionally, board and batten siding was used for barn structures, but today, the vertical siding layout has transformed into a trendy, modern style that can be seen garnishing buildings in the suburbs, cities, countrysides and beyond. It is often used along gables to create interesting visual contrast that adds character to the exterior.

Because vinyl board and batten is a more modern application of a traditional style, installation is usually much easier than classic techniques that call for battens crafted from individual wood beams. Today’s board and batten have the battens molded into the panel, so there’s only one piece to install, instead of several.

Straight Edge Shake

Vinyl shake is another modern style that grew out of a time-tested classic made from wood. Instead of relying on cedar to form straight edge shake tiles, homeowners now have the option of installing vinyl shake siding on the exterior of the house.

Vinyl shake is available in a variety of formats, like molded shingles that are 48 inches wide or extruded panels that are 8 feet wide, offering several great options for homeowners to consider. The bottom edge of each layer of straight edge shake is always lined up evenly. Overall, straight edge shake brings a measured look to the exterior without giving up texture.

Staggered Edge Shake

Staggered shake, on the other hand, maximizes the dynamic quality of shingle design by replacing the straight, uniform edge of traditional shake with staggered bottom edges.

Though staggered shake may appear to be a series of several hundred individual shingles, this impression is often an optical illusion. Staggered shake made from vinyl is typically sold in long panels, making installation much easier without losing the unique design effect of an irregular bottom edge.

Traditional Lap

Classic as can be, traditional lap siding is a time-tested favorite for residential buildings throughout the country. It delivers a smooth, clean appearance that looks great in any exterior color.

As the name suggests, the panels in this type of vinyl siding feature a slight overlapping lip that creates detail and moderate shadow lines. Planks are installed uniformly from the bottom of the exterior upwards, resulting in a measured appearance that achieves timeless curb appeal.

Dutch Lap

Dutch lap is another type of vinyl siding that never goes out of style. A consistent winner for homes in suburbs, cities, small towns and rural areas, Dutch lap continues to be a favorite style among builders because of its versatile look.

Similar in form to traditional lap, Dutch lap takes the design components just one step further by featuring a sharply angled bevel in place of the slight overlap. This subtle shift in design creates a lot more visual texture and more profound shadow lines. Overall, Dutch lap is a type of vinyl siding that creates more definition throughout the home’s exterior.

Easy-Installation Vinyl Siding

The beauty of vinyl is that it has the power to achieve a wide range of classic and modern styles with smarter, more efficient designs. Rather than hand-carving individual planks or securing hundreds of battens — all while continuously checking that siding panels are level during the installation process — vinyl siding is a faster, easier way to achieve the same look by providing a wide section of siding in a single panel.

Rollex siding is a great example of a cutting-edge siding product that capitalizes on the unique advantages of vinyl to create beautiful, attractive styles that are easy to install.

Innovative design techniques simplify the entire installation process so renovation projects get accomplished much quicker and without error.

Horizontal lap siding from Rollex is available in a wide range of attractive hues designed to keep their color consistency with very little maintenance. It is a long-lasting product that homeowners can be confident in when designing or remodeling their home.

Explore Vinyl Siding Options with Rollex

There are many types of vinyl siding available for homeowners to consider. Of all the different types, traditional lap and Dutch lap continue to be considered among the most versatile when it comes to vinyl.

Contact Rollex today to explore all the gorgeous vinyl lap siding options that are available.