Are you interested in learning more about hidden soffit vents and how they might improve your home’s exterior? Soffit vents play an integral part in your home’s efficiency, but a hidden soffit vent offers aesthetic benefits, as well.

Before we jump into the well-rounded benefits of hidden soffit vents, let’s take a moment to discuss what soffit and soffit vents are, and how they are used to protect your roof and home.

What is Soffit?

If you’ve ever done work on the exterior of your home, then you might be familiar with the term “soffit.” For those who aren’t, here’s a brief technical explanation that describes what a soffit is and how it’s used.

Most roofs extend past the outer wall, creating an overhang called an eave. The area beneath the eave can technically be left exposed and unfinished, but that is not common in modern home development as it causes any number of problems.

Soffit is an exterior building material used to cover this section under the eaves. Instead of leaving the underside of the eave exposed, you can cover it with soffit, which protects it from the elements and the harsh conditions of the outdoors.

What Are Soffit Vents?

A soffit vent is a perforated section of soffit that allows air to travel in and out of an attic. These vents prevent trapped heat and alleviate high humidity levels, helping to guard your roof, eaves and attic against internal and external damage. As a result, they are highly beneficial to the exterior design of your home.

What is a Hidden Soffit Vent?

Hidden soffit vent is a ventilated material that doesn’t look like it’s ventilated. In fact, it offers just as much ventilation as other soffit options. The tiny perforations are hidden within the seams, which allows the attic to stay cool and dry without visible holes in the soffit material.

Why Are Soffit Vents Necessary?

As we mentioned above, a soffit vent prevents damage to roofs, attics and gutters. It does this by ensuring that heat doesn’t get trapped in your home’s interior. If heat gets trapped in the attic or eaves, it can cause ice dams and make your shingles break down more quickly.

When your shingles begin to deteriorate, it can lead to water leaks and damage to the home’s attic, roof, and structural foundation. Overheated attics can increase the heat inside the house, which forces you to spend more money on energy to cool it down.

Soffit ventilation goes well beyond just air and heat. Proper ventilation also allows you to control the flow of humidity. This is especially important if you live in a humid or rainy area. If too much moisture and humidity build-up in your roof or attic, it can cause mold, mildew and rot, which can negatively affect your health. Too much moisture can also damage items stored in the attic.

How Many Soffit Vents Do You Need?

Most home development professionals agree that to ventilate your attic correctly, you should install one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of space in your attic. In addition, the ventilated soffit sections should be evenly spaced throughout the eave to provide optimal ventilation.

For example, if your attic is 1,500 square feet, you’ll divide 1,500 by 150 to determine the required square footage of ventilated soffit. In this case, you would need 10 square feet of soffit vents to optimize air and humidity flow in and out of your attic. It’s always best to consult with local building codes to verify the amount of ventilation needed.

The Benefits of Hidden Soffit Vents

There are many benefits to Rollex’s Stealth soffit vents. First, they’re super easy to clean and incredibly low-maintenance. Second, they’re made from recyclable materials, so they’re environmentally friendly.

They’re also extremely durable and can last for decades with proper care without needing to be replaced. Finally, if the look of vented soffit doesn’t appeal to you, you can still get the benefits of function and efficiency of vented soffit without actually seeing the perforations.

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