Today’s homeowner needs their exterior design to function in a few ways. It should provide weather protection they’re confident in and needs to enhance the home’s overall style. And for the family that likes to entertain, an exterior plan should provide plenty of space for homeowners and guests to enjoy.

You can help homeowners achieve the kind of entertaining space they need with the right exterior plan and materials. Here are a few trends and solutions to inspire you with ideas.

The Party-Perfect Front Porch

Nothing says “fun” like a festive front porch brimming with guests. When you design home exteriors with a welcoming entryway, it gives homeowners solutions for entertaining (and some impressive curb appeal).

The front porch on this farmhouse design features classic white columns, which offset the deep, warm brown tones in the window shutters and front door. The exterior plan features symmetry and straight lines to contrast with the curves and smaller details in the porch columns, resulting in a successful, classically-inspired style.

All steal-worthy ideas for the homeowner that wants to wow and welcome guests.

Bring the Fun Out Back

Bring the entertainment outside with a sheltered outdoor kitchen, complete with a long dining table, grill, mini fridge and more. Add in an outdoor fireplace and this area becomes usable all year round. With the right landscaping, you have plenty of room for all of your family and friends to hang out. And if you have enough space, consider adding a pool for the ultimate relaxation area. Be sure to pick materials that won’t need a lot of upkeep in order to keep the cleaning time to a minimum and fun time to a maximum. If homeowners choose a low maintenance siding on their outdoor shelter, they’ll likely only need to clean the exterior with a simple soap and water solution.

Luxury Options for Seating

For homeowners that need a touch of luxury for their guests, pergolas and gazebos give them plenty of solutions. And adding a structure like this to an outdoor space can be a good investment. “Keep in mind that when it is time to sell your home, the value will be greatly determined by how large the gazebo or pergola is,” according to Outdoor Living Today. “In many instances, it follows that the larger the gazebo, the greater its appeal, and the more value it holds.”

Simple but Sophisticated Exterior Design

Homeowners don’t need a complicated exterior plan to create the perfect entertaining area, though. With ample seating and a fire pit, it’s easy to inspire fun in any outdoor space, especially with large yards like this home. This home’s exterior siding from Rollex adds to the ambiance with a bold choice of contrasting colors that blend with the natural setting.

When you take cues from the surrounding environment to design exterior spaces, you’ll achieve a more successful overall look and additional curb appeal. “Such styles, when chosen with care to fit in your backyard will easily provide an appealing look and great style,” according to Outdoor Living Today. “And remember, the more stylish your home is, the more valuable it becomes.”

Protection for Exterior Style

Designers and builders give homeowners several solutions when they use materials like Rollex siding, which offers exterior protection and subtle style:

  • A design that will last for decades, even in severe weather
  • Options for entertaining guests and family
  • A return on their investment, if they choose to sell their home later

PRO-TIP: Remind homeowners who plan on using outdoor grills to choose durable and fire-tested materials on their exterior and to keep features like grills away from siding. Homeowners can also select materials like steel siding to prevent damage from fire or extreme heat. Steel siding can bring a modern look to the home’s exterior plan if your homeowner client needs ideas for how to entertain with style.

Designing Exteriors for Entertaining

Homeowners can dream big when they choose materials like Rollex siding and rainware to plan their exterior design. The ideal entertainment space can be achieved when you give homeowners more ways to connect with their guests with exterior materials that perform to the highest standards. When your homeowner’s siding selection helps guarantee storm resilience and weather protection, you’ll give them a home they’ll enjoy for decades.

Need more ideas for home designs that will shine? Take a look at these homes to inspire your next project.