Color is an integral factor when it comes to your curb appeal. It’s the first thing to catch someone’s eye, draws compliments from the neighbors and fills your house with character and distinction.

It’s certainly not an area you want to overlook. One of the best ways to create an on-trend, but timeless look for the exterior of your home is through siding. The color you choose is important, though. As a homeowner, you’ll likely want to stay up with trends and appear fashionable, while also creating a timeless look that lasts longer than a fad. Siding is a long-term investment, so you need to pick a trend that will last for decades, not just a few years.

So what’s on trend right now?

2018 was more about edgy palettes — reds and blacks and contrasting light and dark tones — but we also saw a shift in a more natural and earthy direction, which this year has been embraced fully with softer and more calming vibes, along with an emphasis on eco-friendliness. Grey has long been a favorite for its versatility and neutral style, and that seems set to continue this year.

Let’s take a look at three colors trending this year and how you can use them in your home’s exterior.

Main Color Choice: Gray-Toned Brown

Medium-toned, warm and neutral, Keystone fits perfectly with 2019’s soft and rustic trends. When used on the exterior of your home it can evoke a comfortable, farmhouse-style feel, inviting visitors inside.

It works well paired with darker blue and brown accents, as in the example image above, if you want to make your home feel more cozy and intimate, making it a good choice for larger homes. It can also work effectively alongside lighter colors, such as white, to create some contrast and texture.

Accent Color Choice: Metallic Bronze

While last year tended to focus more on harsher metallic colors, 2019 sees more of a move towards the softer and more natural bronze. It helps create a traditional feel while also being decidedly modern.

As bronze is a darker color, homeowners can play it safe by pairing with a lighter trim or go for a bolder, more contemporary option with darker trim. It also works well paired with a lighter brown, like the Keystone brown in this image above.

Calming Color Choice: Dark or Deep Blue

Blue is the color traditionally associated with peace and serenity. It can bring an air of tranquility to almost any home when done right and is a consistently safe option without being boring.

Working well alongside white trim, Hampton Blue fits in perfectly with 2019’s relaxed and calming style. It’s also a smart choice for homeowners who want to be a little more adventurous with their colors without diving into the deep end. The dark blue fits perfectly with lighter colors such as Keystone or white.

Along with these three stunning color trends, there are a few more home exterior trends to look out for this year. These include:

  • Farmhouse styles which feature traditional designs blended with modern touches, following the more rustic color trends.
  • Porches and outside spaces are in. A stylish porch, well decorated with comfy chairs and warm lighting, is the perfect place to be in 2019.
  • Adding a touch of nature through a well-landscaped front garden, the addition of brick-and-wood elements and porch plants is a great way to align your home with this year’s natural style.

How Vinyl Siding Can Deliver Your Perfect Color

Vinyl siding, like Rollex’s Horizon, is the perfect way to give your home color. In addition to the wide range of (trendy) colors available, vinyl siding is also durable and low-maintenance.

Some of the benefits Horizon’s siding offers include:

  • A deep cedar-embossed wood grain texture to give a solid, natural feel
  • An advanced, permalock system to ensure panels remain in place
  • Enhanced thickness and strength, keeping your panels straight, true and attractive for a long time
  • A contemporary low-luster finish
  • Safe-lock reinforced nail-hems, designed to stand firm against the toughest winds

All of the colors featured above are available in the Horizon product line. When you’re applying color to your home, you want it to stand the test of time and weather. That’s why Rollex’s Horizon product line has a proprietary coating on it, formulated to be resistant to scuffing, metal marking, abrasion and is virtually maintenance free.

Of course, you also want your home’s exterior to do a lot of the work by itself. Quality vinyl siding can deliver durability and reliability while also ensuring rich and long-lasting colors that will look good for a long time to come.

Once you’ve settled on vinyl siding, the only step left is to pick a color. When the options are so numerous, it’s easy to feel paralyzed by choice. But inspiration is everywhere: Start by looking around your neighborhood and natural surroundings, and also consider how your home’s architecture and heritage could be complemented. Or just pick a color trending this year, like Keystone, Bronze or Hampton Blue.

To find out how Rollex can help deliver a more stylish exterior to your home, contact us today.