What makes a home exterior visually captivating often depends on the colors chosen for its siding and trim. The options are almost endless, from complementary colors to those that contrast one another.

Ultimately, it comes down to your style and aesthetic. However, before buying siding and trim, it’s essential to understand how to pair the two to ensure fantastic curb appeal.

How to Pair the Right Siding and Trim

Pairing the right siding and trim is like choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion. It’s about balance, contrast and complementing features. Start with your home's main color: the siding. Think about the mood you want to evoke. Do you want your home to be cozy and welcoming or bold and eye-catching?

Once you’ve settled on a siding color, it’s time to pick the trim. This is where you can play with contrast to highlight architectural details or choose something complementary for a seamless blend. Remember, the trim acts as the finishing touch, much like accessories to an outfit, by enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Remember, there’s no wrong answer here. Choosing siding colors and trim does require a keen eye for detail and an understanding of color theory, but it all comes down to your design aesthetic. Choose the color combination that works for you!

9 Gorgeous Siding and Trim Designs

Need some help choosing a color combination for your home’s siding and trim? Here are nine beautiful siding and trim color combinations to help inspire your next home project:

1. Blue Siding With White Trim

The blue siding on this home creates a warm and inviting canvas that is perfectly complemented by the crisp white trim that frames the windows and outlines architectural features like the columns and soffit. This contrast creates many eye-catching dimensions that many homeowners love.

2. Beige Siding With Brown Trim

This gorgeous, contemporary home showcases a classic beige siding that offers a contrast to the rich brown hues of the trim and deck railing. This combination is perfect for the homeowner who wants to balance contemporary style with rustic charm.

3. Green Siding With Beige Trim

While white trim is a beautiful choice and can create stark, bold lines, utilizing beige trim is a great way to create a warm, tranquil aesthetic. This green house features beige trim throughout the design to perfectly blend the siding color with the muted stones featured on the front porch’s steps, pillars and foundation, resulting in a home that exudes character and charm.

4. Red and Brown Siding With White Trim

This home uses three different siding colors — dark brown, red and brick — to create an exterior that emanates warmth and earthiness. This is all perfectly balanced by the simple but elegant white trim, which provides a clean contrast that highlights the vibrance of the siding and creates a frame around the home’s beautiful exterior.

5. Tan and White Siding With White Trim

The home’s exterior features tan siding that perfectly complements the brick façade on the home’s first floor. The dark gray roofing complements the siding and paves the way for the light gray shutters around the windows. The pops of white siding used in the garage and second floor add a wonderful contrast, and the white trim ties the entire home together for a cohesive look. This home is truly a study in color theory!

6. Olive/Beige Siding With White Trim

This charming home combines soft olive-green/beige siding with creamy white trim to create a gentle contrast that highlights the house’s vintage character and welcoming atmosphere. The turquoise front door adds the perfect pop of modern color, grabbing your attention and holding it.

7. White Siding With Black Trim

This home is a study in simplicity, using just two colors throughout the entire design. The white siding paired with black trim and accents creates clean lines and a well-balanced aesthetic. This color scheme proves that you don’t need wild colors to create a beautiful design.

8. Teal Siding With White Trim

This home features refreshing teal blue siding with bright white trim, which creates a coastal vibe that makes you want to sit and visit for a while. The white trim also outlines the home’s general shape to lend an airy openness that complements the beachy aesthetic.

9. Wood Siding With White Trim

Few design elements are more luxurious and elegant than natural wood. This home utilizes both cedar shakes and board and batten wood siding, creating a warm and inviting style. The stark white trim highlights the craftsmanship, and along with the varying wood siding types, it breaks up the monotony of an all-wood home.

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